(An Exhortation)

It’s clear that we have been blessed with every spiritual blessing in and through our Lord and Savior. We are literally blessed with Christ Himself – all we ever needed and wanted, beyond any stretch of our own limited imagination, all found in Christ. Our questions have been answered in Christ.

On the flip side, as Christ prayed that we receive the same glory given to Him by His Father, so He has actually been blessed with us as well. God gave us to Christ. His prayer has been answered, and we cannot be more secure in this Truth.

In spite of all that is happening around and within me, this is the Truth that holds me, this is the hope which serves as an Anchor to my soul. The waves that rage around me, and the whirlwinds within have all the power and capability to throw me off base, and to drag me into the depths… but Christ continues to be the Rock on whom I stand. Once we were servants, but now He will always be the Friend who sticks closer to us than a brother.

I swear, in all the mountains and oceans and valleys that I face, I see challenge, but more than this, I see His splendor and glory in all of it. Each sliver of light, every cloud and every glimmer of the sun and moon literal reminders of His absolute faithfulness to me, and to His church. Even in all that seeks to ruin us, He is Peace, so I have Peace.

What’s left to say, but thank You? What’s left to do, but to rejoice?

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