Minutes (Move Along, Probably Nothing For You To See Here)

Oh, how good it is when brethren dwell together in unity!

Quick Intro

For every 12 spies, there are 2 that dare to conquer. I may feel alone, but praise God for good friends with whom I am most comfortable with being myself – much like Christ would minister to each and every one of us, Creator so accustomed to His own creation.

Last October 6 I was blessed to spend time with Xyrus and Leslee. The following items were random thoughts/reminders/blurbs that I remembered from that time. I’m glad I was able to jot these things down in a notebook before they were readily forgotten and brought to waste.

  • Look into vlogging. Partner with Xyrus/Leslie. 5-minute grace bites, where he talks truth; mobile equipment, gimbal/mic setup where the camera follows the speaker.
  • Look into content management. Look into the possibility of employing a content manager. Get trusted friends to look into all my media and to give feedback. WordPress for clarifying fundamentals, and other channels (IG/TW/Tumblr? LinkedIn? FB?) as an expression/application of the fundamentals.
  • What fortitude is seen in me, comes from my Mom. Spoke this to her that evening in an attempt to encourage her.
    Shared songs which we sing and meditate to. We don’t like Lauren Daigle. Haha! Thought of TJ re: It Is Well by Bethel. Shared this with her.
  • We can be rich without money, or poor with money.
  • Speaking of TJ, Xyrus is preparing for her move soon. Personally considering re-enlistment while Leslee was thinking of going for Paralegal studies.
  • Xyrus has the heart to give. Testified about how he gave what little he had and is now prospering, long story short. Related to him how everything came when I stopped worrying about it – inspiration, money, friends, love, etc.
  • Sugar is bad, chlorophyll is good. Haha! Social Media, money, etc. are all tools.
  • Preach through photography. Write without words. Live Love.
  • Revive ‘Tactical Grace’ project.
  • Being an uncle is a tough, rewarding role; so is being a father.
  • Where do I go if I leave Baguio? Manila? Do I invest in Manila? Go for an international driver’s license?
  • Spoke to my brother re: Xyrus. Pep suggested that Xyrus may want to get into supplies (?). My nephew said Xyrus is a cool name.
  • Reiterated the need for a tribe. The need for a bride, and the need for a Caleb.
  • We need to commune to encourage each other of the peace of Christ that is present and absolutely ablaze in us no matter what circumstances we have.
  • Christ is the common ground we all ought to push. Unlike anything else in this world, this knowledge, this Truth doesn’t weigh a thing – in fact, it lifts us up.
  • We couldn’t avoid it. In BJ’s, of all places, we just started pouring our hearts out in gratitude to God. Waitress Munica (?) resigned from BJ’s, to work in Huntington Beach. Tipped her.
  • Creamistry is awesome!
  • I wanted to be a rifle of precise ideas. However, Leslee also reminded me that it’s okay to be a shotgun.
  • Don’t subscribe to the accusations of others. There are better podcasts to listen to.
  • Our smallest actions can mean the world to others, as we are alive in Christ and Christ is alive in us.

There are a few more, but these are probably things I’d rather not share, or keep to myself. I know they have stuff to share too.

If you’ve gone this far, I suppose I was wrong – there is something here for you.

Fellows, we all need to have good friends who give you their honest and loving perspectives. Not sycophants. Not people to ‘invest’ in… but real friends, friends who are real with you and who you could be real with. These are just some random points that we thought of which, if well planted, nurtured and cultivated, could move entire nations.

Who knows what you and your real friends can do?

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