Contraction/Expansion – The Implications of a Love Eternal

**Here’s yet another post which was birthed out of my attempts to construct what I needed for the Anomaly project. Enjoy. -JB
Paul said that this life that he lives, he lives not by sight, but by faith in the One who loved Him. To live by faith in Christ is to understand that by His finished work, we live (1) without fear, and (2) in perfect love.

The sting of death is reduced to nothing and has no bearing on us now that we are assured of eternal life today; For as Christ lives, so we live, and since Christ lives forever, so do we. We can securely face death, oblivion, and entropy without flinching, knowing that we have life, and life abundant, today. Life is so lovingly infused into us, coursing and overflowing by the absolute union we have in Christ, today. We recognize the pain which is birthed out of this fallen reality, but we understand that it is all incomparable to the truth and reality of our infinite position as God’s beloved, for all eternity. Again, we live by faith in Christ, and we live without fear.

By God’s great grace, it is only by this love which has been lavished unto us that we are willing to love whom the world calls the hopeless with selfless charity, humbling mercy, and intentional grace. We know we are infinitely blessed by perfect love through Christ, and we are able to relinquish more than the obvious resources, but our time and efforts to others. Without fear we move in full earnest, for the best circumstances of those we are led to help. This comes out of sheer thankfulness for the endless, infinite love which Christ gives us first. As Christ gave all, so we can give all, confident because we recognize that we actually help ourselves the most when we help others.
We live totally compatible with God, yet totally dependent upon Christ, who has done it all for us to be one with Him, forever. To live is Christ, indeed – Christ lay down His life for His friends, and we can ‘die’, literally pouring our lives and all our beings for others, as Christ did for us so passionately… As we have gained everything, we can give everything, knowing (1) we gain so much more, and more importantly, (2) there’s more where that came from!

We are infinitely loved, so we are able to love – in fact, this love we have simply CANNOT be contained, that it exudes in each and everything that we do and is done to us! The greatest efficiency is found in Christ, who causes all things to work for our good.

We are able to present all of our being into the unknown, not out of reckless abandon, but in full confidence, knowing that all we can ever truly need and enjoy is found in the perfect and everlasting love of God, who is Christ, who is alive in us, and in whom we are brought together.

By believing in Christ – understanding and appreciating who He is in the light of His finished work (and vice versa), we live fearlessly. And, as we live fearlessly, subjecting more and more of ourselves into the unknown, we learn more, and consequently believe Christ, more!

The Holy Spirit brings us into the appreciation of the perfect, eternal love of God for us, seen through Christ and His finished work – and it is through this that we are inspired to ‘pay it forward’, or to lavish others with the same love. And, as we continue to love one another – we are presented with even more perspectives of this infinite and endless love!

Jesus Christ is the Light of the world, shining His love upon each and every one of us. He demonstrates a love so vast which is made apparent to one and all, one way or the other; this same love is a love so deep and intimate that it reaches us in ways that it would get to us right down to our individual identities.

This perfect love flows like a raging river, eliminating all the loose silt up to the largest boulders of fear; this perfect love is as a fire that consumes all doubt and inhibitions. This same flame blazes without end, this same river flows without fail, causing us to expand, to touch people and whole communities, and entire nations!

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