Divine Affirmation – A Memory

April 30, 2018

The Wailing Wall, Jerusalem


At this particular moment I wasn’t expecting much. Frankly, I believed Christ was with me in the Philippines as much as He would be alive in me anywhere else in the world, Jerusalem included.


I gave praying at the Wall a shot, just because. Even had Joel take this picture. Hell, everyone was doing it, I thought. As I leaned in I was planning to pray just long enough to get a few shots in. So I rested my head on the stone..


..and I swear it felt like resting my head on my Father’s bosom. It felt like God, who I thought had a hundred million billion other things which He could have had His focus on, caught me by surprise, as if He knew all along how I loved surprises. For a moment my soul felt.. home.


Tears started collecting on my shades. I was sobbing like a baby, crying like a goyim Asian tourist was expected to cry, arms and hands then trying to embrace, yet aware that this was a wall. The temptation to dismiss all this as a religious experience was recognized, but so far away because I knew it was exactly what I needed..


See, there I was in Jerusalem, center of Israel, center of the world.. center of commerce and religion, where anyone and everyone was trying off of their efforts to make the most of their visit, however they could… yet even in the presence of so many people from all walks of life, I felt.. alone.


It was fitting that at this moment, even if it was just for a few minutes, that my heart was treated to perfect love from another perspective, reminded not in the usual academic fashion, but in a deeper, certainly more personal approach – that in my Father’s Love was absolutely everything that all of my being needed, for now and for all time. He knows all there is to know about me, and still and always will love me.


I had a taste of eternity.


May the grace and peace of Christ be known even more, poured out ever so freely upon one and all. This is not to say that my circumstances need to be matched for you to get a ‘God feeling’. I shared this in part to express my excitement in how Christ, who loves you just as much, would lavish you with His perfect love in a way that you, and only you, would appreciate.



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