The Power Of Intention

Opportunity is wasted on a soul which does not have any intentions. The premise and purpose of creation was to have intention. In fact, out of intention, creation was born. It is the first semblance of order in chaos, the first step towards heading a certain direction.


Our problem is that we are too scared to take that first step. The absence of fear is much more sought after than the presence of intention.


It’s actually not that we do not have intention. Like so many other properties, intention is something we have, even if we don’t have it. Perhaps some intend not to have intentions. Some are content with smaller intentions, while others burden themselves with intentions too big that they are crushed beneath them.


Intentions pop up anywhere at any time. We lament over the lack or absence of intention when the real issue is the presence of baseless fear. Fear of failure. Fear of rejection and humiliation. We ought to recognize that if there is any fear that is to drive us, it is the fear of standing still!


Let’s choose what we ought to feel. Let’s make an explicit choice as to our intentions, and let us take the first step! Let us move with intention, without fear!

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