Interim/Checkpoint 2018

(More for me, but I’m posting it online anyway)


So I’m done with not just one, but two cycles of the Metabolic Reset Program. I’ve finished the Athlean Xero program; well, in the sense that I’ve completed all the days, but not necessarily faithful in going through it straight – in other words, I’ve pushed through the program over more than the 1 and 1/2 months prescribed.


I’m currently at around 70% finished with Jim Kwik’s SuperBrain program, and I suppose I’m in the market for what comes next. I’m looking for a calisthenics program because I believe the next step after losing weight is to properly carry myself around, and I mean that literally. Handstands, planches, I mean yeah, honestly, I wanna do all these things because they look cool. If you ask me to elaborate I would just say that it’d be a display to myself and to the world that I am strong and healthy from the inside out.


That is, if what I’ve been hearing was true. It’s one thing to work out the show-type muscles, and it’s another thing to work out the muscles that comprise of what at least one person called ‘inner strength’. One thing that the MRP program showed me was that it’s not that you work out the outside to show everyone how you’re healthy inside; no, it’s how you look outside that’s a reflection of how healthy you really are. In other words, health shows from the inside out.


So with that said, I must have rebuked myself there. Or, rather, I just should know that the fancy stuff that I do is only a result of the inner health, and not necessarily a reflection of it. What’s under the hood continues to take precedence.


Now back to the diet. After the trip to Israel, and when I returned to work in the night shift, I’ve been slipping. I’ve been throwing in a little sweet here and there when I eat, and I’ve been eating the foods in my ‘Avoid’ list a little more often than once a week. I’m not foreseeing that I’ll be going back to full on pig mode like I used to (really, thinking about all the rice I used to have just turned me off about the whole thing, and it still does), but there seems to be some sort of changing going on – I refuse to call it re-integration, but rather a more practical or realistic dive back into the normal grind, after the mandatory accountability. This is where the real game comes in.


I guess what I really want to say through all that is that there’s definitely a permanent change, an improvement in my mindset regarding what to eat. I am looking for vegetables now, and not just for their health value, but for their taste as well. I’m not just looking for meat and rice now, but if there are vegetables I tend to just substitute more green for the rice I used to have. And yeah, all the sweet stuff has definitely lost its appeal, significantly. I’m not looking for the cakes and the doughnuts anymore, at least not as much as I used to. Back then, it was hardcore – mandatory for me to have it with coffee. Man, I seriously remember the cravings. I would ask my Mom to break out her stash of sweet (yeah, that’s exactly how I said it before). But now, I don’t crave the candies and the additional sugar everything that much… and, on a significant scale. Dr Berg may have a real point in saying our cravings aren’t satisfied with sugar, but with the right foods with enough potassium. Not sure why he singled out potassium, but that’ll be a priority for me.


And then there’s the timing to it all. I am a firm believer in the appropriate times to eat and to exercise now. Let’s not waste our time by eating wasteful food, and let’s not waste our time by exercising at the wrong time. I am a believer in the potential of HIIT. Definitely, the best way to use your time. Also, resting well and long is a must. Can’t wait to work (and work out) during the actual daytime in the States. That’ll do wonders for me.


Speaking about the States, we’re going to be pretty strict with the brown rice, and all the other stuff I’ll be eating. I’ll be getting more salads, and making more smoothies, with more veg. Last time I was there I was all out with my working out (strength/cardio), but I was still actually shoveling down sugar, now that I remember. There was the protein shakes, and the fruit that went with it – that’s gonna have to change. It’ll definitely be the same regardless of where I am – whether with Kip or Pep and their families, the healthy eating and the working out stays. I’m gonna be jogging, running, and working out more. For sure.


What’s next on other fronts? Well, we are pretty open. I just might go back to the original Speed Reading program I signed up for before SuperBrain. I see myself getting through with that just like I got through Xero. OR Jim Kwik also has his own speed reading thing, if I’ve heard or seen right. But I’ll probably go for the former, just because I already paid for that.


With regards to the ol’ noggin, the retention techniques are solid gold, but what I’m really looking for are more approaches as to how to put it all together – however, I do see the importance in the implementation days spread throughout SuperBrain. I would be writing this in a whole new log but I suppose I could just say it all here.


Jim taught me a lot of techniques to use – the Loci Method and the Sun List for remembering lists and preparing for speeches, the Be Suave approach and the FDR approach for remembering a bunch of people in parties and gatherings, the PIE method for remembering words and literally new languages – I remember thinking at least once while going through all this, there is hope yet for me to fulfill my dream of being a linguist! He has me counting 1-10 in Japanese, and I’m pretty rusty but confident with some of my Russian now (which, to tell you honestly, is just 10 ‘survival’ phrases to get by when I land in Moscow). In between all these valuable lessons are Implementation days, or pretty much periods of time to go back to these things and, I’m seeing, combine how to use one method with another. So all in all, this helps with retention in the sense that I have more of my senses involved in the memorization.


I must have hit the nail in the head when I said, to other people I was relating these methods to, how it’s important for us to remember what we want to remember in our hearts as much as in our heads – not just as a means of us storing memories in two versus just one storage unit, but also utilizing our emotions as an amplifier for us to appreciate what we remember so much more.


And trust me, there are things that we ought to commit to our beings so internally, so close to all that we are, that it comes out as natural, especially in this world where the processing of information is far more important than its production and distribution. Jim said it himself – that knowledge is not power until we use it. Now, it takes both the Head and the Heart for us to take what we use and to put it in our Hands, so the processing comes mostly from our hearts…


Which leads me to the final, yet also the first front which I intend to continue building upon. I have begun work on a manifesto, and what fascinates me as much as what frustrates me is the fact that I can start writing what I would think is my magnum opus – which would actually just keep me covered for a significant period of time until another stream of breakthroughs and milestones – only to find out that I’m been working on an elaboration of what I was thinking about in the core, instead of the core itself. That’s been happening to me, again and again, but it does satisfy me in the sense that I am both doing my best with each literary work but also ending just as angry as I was before.


There was a time that the motivation I had behind the MRP was sheer anger. That I wanted to get my whole life back. And honestly, it must be all the attention I’ve been getting with the weight that I’ve been losing – I’ve gotten more mellow, which probably explains why I’ve been a little sloppy with my diet. And probably also why I’m going back to thinking that it doesn’t hurt to look at porn every now and then (oh, and by the way, porn doesn’t work the same way sugar does – the sugar is processed and eliminated from the system so much faster than the dopamine).



Let’s bring it back to the center. This all leads me to the question – well, what is the question? Is it, ‘what is the motivation behind all this’? Or, can it be, ‘can I define what keeps me going’? Or, can it be that I can define it with rational thought, without the assistance of emotions?


 I want to travel. I want to go to Russia, to Japan, to Antarctica, to Iceland. I want to make sure that my own Mom is okay. That my brothers and their families are okay. That the church I serve has solid people whom I’ve influenced to keep things going – yes, I do mean my agenda, but I want to stress that this is in the name of bolstering the body of Christ to what it should be with my perspective on things, at least in the church I serve in.


Gosh, I think I answered a lot of questions I wasn’t able to formulate with that last paragraph. I want to make money to make sure my family is taken care of; or, at least that I am able to buy what they need. I want to invest in them, and I want to invest in anyone and everyone I decide to, and this includes any many people as possible. And all this time I want to travel, and make connections and investments anywhere and everywhere I can. In Russia, in Japan, in Iceland. But more than monetary investments, I want to invest the unlimited love that Christ has for me to the rest of this world, wherever I go, whoever I encounter…


…and I have a long way to go, but I’m getting there.. one step at a time, one day at a time.. with Christ as my Life – Indeed, He gave everything so that I who had and was nothing would be everything in Him and through Him, one with Him, forever and ever.

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