Evasive Action

I almost got into an accident today. I was turning in to a main road, and I was looking out for any oncoming cars, not knowing that there was another car coming from the other side. He was turning in to the same road, going the other direction. 
If you didn’t get any of that, just know that our cars missed each other by a foot at most. 
Fast forward to a half an hour ago. The way parking works over at the office is if you don’t see any spaces in front of the building, you’d have to park around the corner. That’s where I left my car. The area isn’t lighted well at night, but far as I knew, there weren’t any incidents of break-ins. 
I could have been wrong, if Paola didn’t ask me to pick up her bag. As we approached the car, two shady looking men walked away, and they were eyeballing us as she took her stuff. I was led to get any other important documents, and eventually, I took the car and parked it somewhere definitely safer – the mall. 
If you didn’t get any of that, just know that the car could have been broken into a while back. 
Thank God, who truly blesses us and keeps us. 

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