Grace Is Greater

I’m pretty sure there’s an old hymn that goes something like this:
‘Grace, grace, God’s grace
Grace that restores an cleanses within
Grace, grace, God’s grace
Grace that is greater than all of my sin.’
Indeed, grace – the grace of God is greater than sin. Where sin abounds, grace abounds even more. I find my own imperfections and struggles are not exactly subdued… But by God’s marvelous grace, I understand that these are temporary before His eternal, everlasting love. The fact of the authority and absolute power of grace over sin compels me to seek Him more and more.
I thank God, and I praise Him because He was brought me so far in the short time I chose to walk in and with Christ. I thank my Heavenly Father, and I praise Him because though I have been gently brought this far, I still have much to see, much to learn, much more to behold. 
I thank God! And I praise Him! For it is not about what I do, but because of what Christ has done that gives my life definition and meaning! And though the enemy is perseverant in condemning me, I give God glory because in Christ, behold – all things have passed away, and all things have become new! 
The Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. The Word made flesh, Jesus Christ – He is my Shepherd. He leads me by the still waters and He restores my soul. In this world it is inevitable that we would have our own walk through the valley of the shadow of death… But I shall not fear! For Jesus Christ, my Rock and my Redeemer… He is with me! His rod and His staff comfort me. 
Right now I’m being brought to think about what I’m typing as I keep up with posting articles at least 500 words long, daily. Am I repetitive and redundant in making declaration after declaration, article after article? I don’t think so. I just heard someone say, ‘don’t believe everything you hear, but believe everything that you say.’ 
Though I see how this can all be monotonous, I sincerely believe that when we talk about a Savior that loves every single unique man, woman and child in this world with the greatest love of all, well… If it connects someone to Christ, then it has its worth! 
Even if we don’t see the progress of our actions, and even if we see the consequence of our mistakes, we can still take heart because our Loving Father causes all things to work for the good of those who receive His love!
I’ve been typing this all on my phone; from McDonalds to here on the jeep I’m in, I have to say that the word count on this article is one thing I’m thinking about. But though it is nice that I’m filling this up at a steady pace, though I be typing with one or both hands, I believe what’s definitely keeping me going is and by God’s mercy and grace, which covers my past, guarantees my future… And sustains me at present! 
Again, is this something I earned? Absolutely not! It is God who made me, it is God who knows me, it is God who LOVES me, it is God who bought me with Christ… it is God who welcomes me with open arms into His family as a beloved son, together with all who believe in the salvation that comes not by what we do, but by what Christ has already done! 
The more we realize this, the more we understand that we do what we do, not for salvation, but out of salvation. We do what we do, not for freedom, but from freedom. We do what we do, knowing that by no means are we saved, free, prospered, and at peace by our own efforts, but by the finished work of Christ. 
Our struggles are no longer intimidating; our Father’s love is absolutely everlasting and eternal. As we have been learning, God’s grace and love are not mere ideas – the grace and love of God has not just been expressed and demonstrated perfectly by Christ… No, Christ IS the grace and love of God, and before Him, addictions and afflictions end!
“Marvelous, infinite, matchless grace,
Freely bestowed on all who believe!
You that are longing to see His face,
Will you this moment His grace receive?”
God bless you. Jesus loves you. 
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May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord make His face shine on you and be gracious to you. May the Lord lift His countenance upon you and give you His Shalom. – Numbers 6:24-26

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