Standing And Declaring

Where there is importance in typing and declaring the Word of God, it is also essential, if not vital for one to stop every now and then to ‘feed’ with the Bible. Although the most mentioned example is to simply read the Bible, I believe that The Lord works by communicating to us through His glory which is seen not just in written text, but in the mountains and the trees, or the simple conversations we have, or through strangers or long known friends. I believe the declaration for this year which states that this is a season where the Lord’s love and unfailing grace will be seen more. As a result, not only will eyes be opened, but more ears will hear, more minds will yield, and more hearts will receive… 
In Christ, we are more than conquerors. In Christ, we are more than mere servants, but sons and daughters, channels of the Fathers loves. We are no longer slaves, but heirs to the Kingdom of God! Our labor will never be in vain because we are in Christ, and no matter what happens, our Father will cause it to work for our good, because we love out of the everlasting and unfailing love He poured on us.
So whether we share or receive, we know that it all works for our good, for His pleasure, for His glory. 
It is my prayer that we would all continue to believe the love of God for us, made possible to receive not because we earned it, but because Christ won it for us. Nobody else did; the Christ we serve, He is the only Way, the absolute Truth, and the abundant Life. 
I am agreeing with Joseph Prince that this is a year of greater glory. Yes, let His glory and love shine even brighter! Halleluyah!

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