The Wait Is Almost Over…

This is the very first picture I took with my first DSLR, the Nikon D40."Is this new camera the next one I'm definitely going to get? We'll know on the 28th, when it's rumored to be announced." - JB, 'My Next Step In The Light?'Well, there have been a lot of rumors popping up since... Continue Reading →

Belonging In Christ

There is importance in having a sense of being and belonging, especially one that drives you to do what you do best.Or is it what drives you to do your best in what you do that has a greater impact?One thing I do know is that in Christ, we have our being, and in Christ,... Continue Reading →

Christ Our Wholeness

012614 03:00PMBefore all came into being, the Holy Spirit, without beginning and end, hovered over the waters. And in His presence, the Father declared, 'LET THERE BE LIGHT!'......and there was light. And everything followed. By the 7th day, all creation was in place. The crown jewel of the raw beauty of all that came to... Continue Reading →

A Simple Decree

'I am redeemed!I am set free!I am complete by the power of the cross!'- Ricardo Sanchez, 'The Power Of The Cross'That was such a timely song... That's what we need to hear, receive and declare each and every time.Though we would be in cloud nine or in the middle of a raging storm, grace and... Continue Reading →

Demonstrating Declaring

012414 03:00PMWhile there is life, there is hope. While there is time, there is opportunity. I have close to an hour before our bus leaves here in Victory Liner Cubao. I choose to write primarily on pen and paper because I'll need all of the 39% battery that my iPhone has for the trip -... Continue Reading →

Declare And Decree

Hey, all. Sorry for not being consistent recently. Let's just say I was on the road and now was the only time I got things together. This is the first of 5 posts I prepared since around 3-4 days ago. I haven't gone through them in one seating but right now I'm thinking there's some... Continue Reading →

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