An Open Challenge (Even to myself)

Every Saturday morning I would wake up pretty early to make it to the weekly Men Of Good News fellowship. We would update each other, praising God for progress and praying and encouraging during setbacks. A critical time during these meetings is when we would all read over a certain chapter in one of the... Continue Reading →

Through Thick And Thin…

One thing nice about the life God blessed us to live is that we can have peace in the fact that we all have our skills and weaknesses, our good and bad attributes. Though these attributes seem to be on opposing sides of a coin, they have at least one thing in common - they... Continue Reading →

A Priority

Try to take some time to read Proverbs 26. Notice that the first part of this chapter says so much about a fool:- honor isn't appropriate for a fool; honoring a fool has a tendency to backfire (26:1,8)- fools are like horses and donkeys that need to be whipped to be disciplined (26:3)- it takes... Continue Reading →


The intense guilt that comes after sin has its own interesting methods of creeping into our minds, crippling our confidence, our thinking, and possibly everything else. In my particular case I recall that every time I sin, the memory of one particular scene in the movie 'Gladiator' comes up: that's the scene of the late... Continue Reading →

Scrap Wheels

44 minutes to go. Happy Resurrection Day. There seemed to be one thought to be brought into consideration that was impressed upon me these past days. Try to make a small list of common forms of bad treatment you knew you were observed to do, or was prone to doing. See, I listed two so... Continue Reading →

Sharing An Approach

(The Road To XXVII, I)I'm quite torn on assessing the effectiveness of the practice of 'sharing best practices' within and among call centers catering to one common client. Most of the time this was suggested, the 'best practices' that came into the pool were more like 'practices we were willing to share.' Though I could... Continue Reading →

‘Into Your Hands…’

(JB Shoots: MonoMono Good Friday 2008)Here in the Philippines it is ordinary for most Catholics (and other similar denominations) who observe Holy Week to do certain traditions, such as the Good Friday service with the Stations of the Cross, and the subsequent lineup of speakers talking about the so-called 7 last words of Jesus Christ... Continue Reading →

The Best Gift You Could Ever Have

"If you don't rate Don't overcompensate"- Offspring, 'Pretty Fly For A White Guy'If there's anything that we need to learn, it's that if we find ourselves lacking in something, the right way to react to it is to keep our eyes open to what we really have, what the Lord gifted us with. And if... Continue Reading →

The Charge to Recharge

JB In Manila 042011 VOne of the best lessons Jason Bourne learned was that 'Rest is a weapon'; I believe that this applies in our relationship with God as well, simply because exhaustion weakens us and leaves us vulnerable to the enemy. Temptations resisted at the start of the day become considerable as the sun... Continue Reading →

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