JB Shoots: Black (and Sepia-ish) Saturday

“The Light shines in the darkness, and darkness has not overcome it.”
– John 1:5

I thought about keeping this as black and white to keep up with today, but I think pushing it to brown was a nice touch. Brought more of the light rays out (cue laser beam sound).

Obviously I’m rarely out of the house before 9:00 AM. I assume this scene is quite common in the highway pick-up point closest to our place. The rays (cue laser beam sound again) were caused by smoke, most probably from a fire fueled by the morning road sweepings.

I kept the waiting shed in the frame as much as I could. If we wait on the Lord faithfully, light will come in His perfect timing.

Sometimes faster than we think . (cue laser beam sound for one last time)

Amen? Amen.

To God be the glory.

Posted in http://jibee.blogspot.com/. God bless you!

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