The Best Gift You Could Ever Have

“If you don't rate
Don't overcompensate”
– Offspring, 'Pretty Fly For A White Guy'

If there's anything that we need to learn, it's that if we find ourselves lacking in something, the right way to react to it is to keep our eyes open to what we really have, what the Lord gifted us with. And if we have difficulties in knowing what skills we have as individuals, we should remember that we as believers have the one gift that gives us hope for other gifts to come; that gift is the gift of salvation through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the reason for this season.

If we don't realize how this gift is truly the only gift we need to keep on going in this dying world, we need to seriously consider – no, REMEMBER how we were all headed to eternal death, pain, damnation, and loneliness without it. When we accepted Jesus Christ into our hearts we were saved from this punishment for sin.

It's not just any sort of gift. By accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, all of the promises in the Word are made available to us. We have access to God's grace and guidance through the blood of Jesus Christ. We should RECOGNIZE who we are in Christ by reading and following His Word.

We are given a purpose in life through accepting Jesus Christ. As we know more of God through prayer and going through His Word, we will eventually see that His gift is too good for us to contain for us to keep to ourselves. It is God's Will for all to be saved, and we are commanded to tell the rest of the world that Jesus Christ is the only way for them to be saved – in any way we can. We need to SHARE the gift. The Bible says that the angels in heaven rejoice for every person saved – let's keep them cheering!

When we keep our eyes on the Lord, and as we keep our eyes from being too fixated on ourselves, we can be sure that He is faithful to strengthen us and to give us hope, regardless of how any situation that comes our way seems hopeless. The peace of the Lord truly goes beyond understanding.

If you haven't received Jesus Christ as your Savior, you will always have that hunger inside of you that will never be satisfied regardless of what you do. True love, hope, and peace – true contentment can only be experienced in the presence of God through Jesus Christ. Will you accept Him today? Pray this prayer from your heart:

“Dear Lord Jesus, I confess that I am a sinner. I believe that You died on the cross for my sins. Please come into my heart and save me. I accept You as my Lord and my Savior, and I believe that from now on, my name is written in in the Book of Life. Thank You Lord, for saving me from hell. Amen.”

God grant you peace. To God be all the glory.

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