Libre – February 21-27, 2023 (72/365)

Before anything else I’d like to apologize. I admit I’ve been ‘padding’ my thousand-word a day quota by all this stuff I’ve been transcribing… and much as I’m trying not to involve AI in this blog, the temptation to utilize ChatGPT here is pretty strong. But that’s probably why I’m writing this – to remind and to convince myself, more than anyone else, that I still have my own thoughts, and I can still let it all out.

Here goes.

Dan Koe mentioned 4 things that companies market towards. I’m sure these aren’t the exact ones. I’m saying these out of assumption, and what I remember, and because I couldn’t find the exact video and timestamp where he said it – People are looking for wealth, health, happiness, and security.

…Okay, okay. I listened to his video. The 4 things I was referring to? He called it the 4 eternal markets, and I was 1 item off: It’s wealth, health, happiness and relationships. It’s approximately 16:30 in the first video of his series, The One Person Business.

I only bring it up because it’s a fascinating way for us to see a little more detail into our salvation in Christ.

I’m thinking that I could make the claim that when Christ became sin, He became the opposite of these things – Or, rather, He was drained and emptied of all wealth, health, happiness, and relationships. He was literally stripped of all of His possessions, hurled into the greatest pain that could ever be dealt physically and mentally, humiliated on top of being subject to psychological and reputational torture; but the worst pain of all was felt when He cried out, ‘My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?!’ – the words of a lonely, rejected shell of a soul.

When Adam and Eve sinned, they became sinners and were separated from God. And because they were separated from God, I believe they were separated from Life – and as such, they died, and the rest of their beings slowly succumbed to the rejection. So when Christ became our sin, He subjected Himself to the same rejection, and also took on the consequent separation.

And actually, that’s one way to see our hopelessness – Because the loss of the relationship of relationships resulted in death which persisted and manifested in spite of any wealth, health, happiness and relationships we could muster for ourselves.

And that’s one way to see our salvation – Christ became sin and died, and His resurrection is the receipt and proof of sin being fully dealt with. Now, because of His resurrection and ascension, we have the Holy Spirit, who is the proof of our salvation, and the literal Life in us. And this Life is so much more superior to death in that, on top of it being present, persistent and manifesting in spite of our wealth, health, happiness and relationships, it also ADDS life to any wealth, health, happiness and relationships we may or may not have.

Christ died and rose again, so we would have a Life much more meaningful than what the world insists gives us meaning. He is the Life that is present, whether we are in possession of great amounts of money, or are caught in the greatest of debts. Christ is the Life that is present and is alive in us when we are in our prime form and healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally; He is also the Life that moves as we move, even in the most painful of sickness, anguish, or heartbreak. It’s because of Christ that we can say that we are happy, and not just happy but in possession of joy unspeakable, even when the rest of the world is sad and angry, or otherwise broken in mind and shattered in heart.

It’s Christ who became our sin to reconcile us, that we would be re-established into the relationship of relationships. And now we have Christ as our Life – Eternal life both greater in value than any of the eternal markets, and adding value no matter where we stand in wealth, health, happiness and relationships.

And what’s even more confounding is that we didn’t pay for anything – it was Christ who paid with all His glory, and then all His life, that despite anything that the world has to say, we may be brought back to life, re-united with His everlasting glory.

So understand that I am not saying that Christ will make us richer, nor is there any guarantee that we will be healed of all that afflicts us. I’m not saying that there is a superficial happiness and great emotional upheaval guaranteed for all who believe in Jesus, nor am I saying we would have the partner of our dreams because of what He has done. These ‘blessings’, for all their grandeur and the supposed high-value we associate to them, are just mere possibilities in this world of uncertainty.

I am saying that Christ is the peace that goes beyond all human understanding, present during those times that we will suffer condemnation and fear from having absolutely nothing. He is the same Peace that holds us together when we have more money than we could ever need or count.

Christ is the calm that holds us together and keeps us still even if sickness tears our mind, body, and/or soul apart. He is also the Directive present when we are at top condition, bringing us to where we could make the most use of our potential at that moment.

Christ is the presence in our loneliness, and He is the celebration when we are with others. The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords is also the Value of Values for us.

And He is free. God loved us so much that He GAVE Christ to us for free, and all that we need to do is to believe. All we need to do is to give even the slightest consideration to agreeing that Christ is who He says He is, and God is consequently who He says He is – I believe that’ll be more than enough space for the Holy Spirit to begin working in our lives… that we should not perish, but have everlasting Life.

Thank You, Lord, for this eternal Gift – This FREE Gift, for now and always.

Until the next post, God bless you.

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