Speaking Christ – November 1, 2022 (329/365)

*This here was scribbled on my notebook yesterday. We were still under the wrath of Typhoon Paeng, which meant we didn’t have electricity, and I was going between writing and re-reading Dune. In this post in particular I redacted some names. You’ll see them on the notebook.*

“(I’m) Looking for something to help me burn out bright”

I’m thinking this could be wrong in the sense that you don’t need help to burn out bright. It happens naturally. Two times I witnessed a candle flame, deprived of air, shine as bright as it could right before dying. Reminded me of stars bursting into supernovae before becoming dead, black holes. I’m also reminded of men and women taking one last deep breath before releasing their spirit.

Perhaps it’s an organism’s mechanism (say that five times), to draw life as much as possible from outside, as if to say that it no longer has life from within.

Death drains life from the outside. Compare this to the opposite consideration: Life bursts forth and casts out death from the inside.

There lies another perspective of our being transformed by the renewing of our mind. Christ, who is our eternal life, causes us to overflow with life; and I’m being led to see now, that we’re not only overflowing with life, but death is also naturally cast out as well.

So have we been made new once and for all, or are we being renewed? To this, as I would probably answer a couple of other similar questions, I’d say a simple ‘Yes’. In all of it. Christ has made us new once and for all, and in this reality we are constantly being renewed. That’s another way of seeing and saying Christ makes all things new.

Perhaps, more than resolution of all that drains us according to our limited perspective, we ought to speak unlimited Life, Christ in all of it. This gives us a more specified verbiage to elaborate what we say when we say, ‘Your Will be done’.

In the process, we (I) realize that it is, indeed, God’s will for us not to perish, but to have everlasting life.

So I speak Life, I speak Christ upon what comprises of my ministry. I speak Christ upon the Aces.

I speak Christ upon the Good News Community Church.

I speak Christ upon my Mom, Manang Irene, and this household.

I speak Christ, again and again, upon all these things, and upon other things and people I’d rather not mention here, until I am full, and with baskets of leftovers.

Indeed, in all this writing, I realize the truth behind when we sing about God giving and taking away. He does. He gives, and He takes away. He gives me life continually, and once and for all. He takes away death from me, both once and for all, and continually. And as the rest of the song goes, blessed, indeed, be the name of the Lord. In my speaking I realize just how much I need Him, and how thankful I am that I have Him.

I’ve mentioned Saint Patrick’s Breastplate before, and I’m pretty sure that after all this I’m realizing now, I’ll probably be sharing it a whole lot more. Suddenly, it has new value. For in our speaking Christ comes the need to speak Christ upon my mind, and consequently, to elaborate.

Christ, as St. Patrick would have us recite, above me. Christ below me. Christ within me. Christ around me. Yet, not as if to call on Christ for it to be so, but to consciously, intentionally acknowledge and recognize Christ; So it’s not to invoke Him as if He wasn’t there before; no, rather, it’s for us. We say all of it for us to find peace and comfort in the truth of His Omnipresence; His presence fully in what ‘drains’ us, as I have mentioned earlier.

The Breastplate, or any other composed or spontaneous prayer for that matter, is for us to find peace and comfort in the truth of Christ’s Omnipotence, His infinite power to do far above and beyond what we can imagine in each and every instance. Finally, it’s also for us to find peace and comfort in the truth of His Omniscience, or His eternal wisdom to know all aspects and perspective, down to the tiniest details.

And I suppose, it’s all said in the name of Jesus Christ, who not only proclaimed we are loved by this Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient God, much so that we make make the ridiculous claim that He is as a Father, so mindful for those such as us; No, He not only proclaimed He was WILLING to love and save us, but by His body and blood He fully demonstrated He is ABLE to love and save us.

So when I speak Emmanuel, I say God is with us, and will never leave us. When I speak Christ, I am saying God’s will be done. I am saying that the omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent God is willing and able to love and save us.

So… once more, unto the breach.

I speak Christ, acknowledging He is with me and all my thoughts. Christ is with me in all my thinking, my writing. All of Christ in all of me, as all of me is alive in Christ… and all of Christ is at work in all of my being, so I am transformed by the renewing of my mind, and I am, indeed, moving from glory to glory.

Therefore, in these times when there is nothing more to do than to write, I give thanks to my God, my Christ, who is my Savior, as much as He calls me His own. I give thanks to God, for His consistent and ever-present power, presence, wisdom, and love upon us.

Christ is with everyone I’ve loved before. Christ is with my brothers and their families, just as He is fully present, here and now, with my Mom and Manang Irene. Christ is with my friends – all the friends and acquaintances I’ve made up to this point, and with their families as well, with the great and mighty Holy Spirit convicting them accordingly.

Christ in all of my Aces and with their families and their collective concerns and thoughts. Christ in all my plans and with me in all decisions I make.

He IS Emmanuel. He IS Christ.


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