Truly Faithful, Faithfully True – October 4, 2022 (303/365)

In these moments where you are subjected into the void, do not lament for what you have progressed in up until that moment. Do not mourn for what you think you may have lost… but know for a fact that as you move, even in the apparent darkness, the Light makes its way – for behold, the Light never left you in the first place.

As the Light makes itself known to more and more aspects of our awareness we would be brought to remember that which we feared we lost… and though there will always be the chance of leaving something behind, know that this Light that is faithful is also a Light that covers all – far beyond what we perceive, far beyond what we remember.

Christ is our Light, and He remains to be faithful even when we are faithless. In fact, it is because of His faithfulness that we are not in a place of faithlessness for long. His goodness draws us out of the fears and anxieties we’ve been programmed relentlessly to generate, when we were of the flesh. It’s His light that shines without fail, and He shines no matter how long we are in darkness, no matter how long we insist we stay in it, until we are drawn out, that we may see how it is to be in His grace – He has made us righteous, and as it is written, we would consider and appreciate how our steps are made brighter and brighter unto the new day, for sure; but in our appreciation, we also see how the darkness, and the deceit, and the confusion – we see how all these things also fade more and more. Truly, another picture of the repentance we have been led to, not by our own schemes or devices, but by the power of the Holy Spirit.

All I’m saying in all this is that Christ is faithful. We read from Scripture, the many names and titles He has been given – King of Kings. Lord of Lords. Prince of Peace. Alpha and Omega. First and the Last. Beginning and the End. But now I just want to take time to appreciate how Christ truly is Faithful and True.

Christ has and will always be true to His word, where He says that He will never leave nor forsake us. He is true to His word, even now, so many centuries after His ascension; He says He is with us until the end of the age, until the end of time – and though we may make our speculations on when that would be exactly, He continues to be with us, and especially when we are humiliated for making the wrong ‘predictions’. To know that Christ is with us no matter what, close to us as He could be, unfading, unfazed – it’s such a relief, especially when we come from an age and a time when the prevalent words of religion would state that His presence was essentially dependent on our own performance.

And yes, it was true – we see the Israelites blessed when they obeyed, and they were certainly cursed when they disobeyed, in the Old Testament. However, with the introduction of the New Covenant, we are now brought to the realization that we are never without God’s presence and therefore His overflowing favor, because it was Christ who obeyed, and took the consequence of our disobedience – as the entire world, and not merely the Israelites. So it’s because of Christ that we are not only relieved that He is with us when we stumble and fall, but we are also confident that He is with us no matter where we go, who we’re with, or what we’re doing.

Christ is Faithful and True, so Faithful to us that we have True Life.

Christ is who He says He is, and He certainly proved His Word, by way of laying down His body and His blood, not holding back even when He had all the chances and the luxury to do so. He stood by His words to Nicodemus, and He proved what He said, laying His life down to show exactly how God loves the entire world, and coming back to life again, to prove that He is who He says He is, and who believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.

Christ is True and Faithful, so True to us that we could not resist but to continue to be Faithful, as He is Faithful.

I don’t necessarily know if I made any sort of sense through all that, but I just wanted to take some time today to appreciate this Truth. In the times when we feel so down, when we’re finding it hard to believe anything – ourselves, our God, and/or other people, we can at least find comfort in the fact, the Truth that Christ is always thinking about us, even in these moments where we seem to shut Him out. And in the times when we lose all bearings of what we’re doing, where we are, or even who we are – Well, it’s in these moments that we would do well to remember that Christ is always who He says He is, and He is for us, never against us, even during these times when we lose hold of our identity.

Christ remains Faithful and True, as much as He always is, even when we are faithless and flawed.

And actually… that’s the thing. It’s not as if His faithfulness and His being true are separate from us. No, I am led to believe that Christ is as close to us as He could ever be, as I stated before – and this means that Christ HIMSELF is the Faith and the Truth that we possess, just as He is the Faith and the Truth that has us, embraces us, holds us, and keeps us together.

In these moments when I would dare to compromise my momentum by one act of impatience, I am thankful that the Word became flesh, and this Word, this Living Word that is Faithful and True – He dwells in me, just as I find my home in Him. This is true, no matter what I’ve been doing… and today, I take comfort and receive healing, I receive restoration and reminders, I receive motivation, inspiration, and innovation from this Truth.

Thank You, Jesus, for You are Faithful and True. The momentum continues, stronger than before, sweeter than the day before.

Until the next post, God bless us all.

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