The Core – May 25, 2022 (144/365)

Christ is at the center. We see how in the Bible, He was In the midst of the multitudes, or in fellowships; It’s shared that in the events of Revelation, He is also seated in the midst (or, the middle) of the multitudes. When we took a look at the encampment of the Israelites as Balaam saw them from a distance, we see that the tribes formed a cross, and in the middle of the cross was the Levite tabernacle. So even then, God was in the center.

And because we consider Christ is in the center, Pastor Joedy would also have us consider the following stipulations: That because He is in the center, it gives us more cause to follow His call to seek His righteousness and His kingdom first. I know I like to say that Christ isn’t just in the center, but in everything, but what’s being pointed out here is that we want to seek Him first, because He is the center. Sort of like how all things in the center are critical and therefore take first priority. 

By hearing the Word, and even by hearing the Living Word, Christ alive in us, faith would naturally arise. Because of this faith (which, by the way, has been authored into us by no less than Christ Himself) we naturally live, and move, and have our being, knowing that no matter what happens, we would never be without God, because, again, Christ is in the center. This faith overtakes us and saturates every part of our being as we continue to read the Word. When we read the Word, we’re meditating on the Living Word. I have reason to believe that this is just another perspective of how we are able to abide in Christ.

Christ is in the center. He is enthroned and revered above all. Or simply put, He is infinitely superior to anything and everything.

We’re led to recall the test of the faith of the people at Kadesh-Barnea, where Moses sent 12 spies into the Promised Land. All the spies except Joshua and Caleb focused on why they couldn’t take the land. These 10 spies saw the grapes. They probably tasted them too. But apparently when they remember the giants that they saw, that was enough to take all of the sweetness out of their mouths. I imagine that they were in fact so scared, so intimidated that they completely lost all sight of all the wonders in the land. Any and all remembrance of the promises God made and the promises God fulfilled were most probably dead at that moment. They were so scared, that it wasn’t enough for them to strike fear into the hearts of the rest of the tribes – see, Joshua and Caleb were telling the people that they should take the land, and these even sought to shut them up by way of stoning killing them.

Imagine wanting to kill other people for the fear that you feel.

We’re certainly in a world full of people just like the 10 spies. We’ve tasted some really good stuff here in this life, but for some reason all of it just goes away, given the right article, video, or post reaches our eyes. It wouldn’t take long for the ordinary man to be paralyzed by fear, especially when the media does such a good job in putting all the focus on what should scare us, all in the name of ‘safety’. Say something about the truth, or at least something that has the potential for people to take offense (even if it is ever so quickly), and it’s only a matter of time before you have other people looking to stone you to shut you up.

But oh, give thanks to God… For I imagine, in His infinite wisdom, He comprehended our hopelessness ever since a bite was taken from the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil… He saw our sad state. We’re apparently under deep doubt before we have the Truth set us free. Through generations, we defaulted to complaining, rebellion and myopia. but this ultimately did not stop Him from deliberately putting everything on the line, to fulfill His will, His desire – that is, for none to perish but for all to come to believe in Him.

Imagine our God wanting to give us life for the everlasting love that He has for us.

And we are assured of His love. Why? Because of Christ. Christ is the Center. When we understand this, we see Christ for who He is, and we see He is bigger than the giants, greater than the fear. When we see how faithful Christ has been to us, we are able to behold His faithfulness to His people in the Old Testament. God remained faithful through all the grumbling Israel made in the wilderness. Pastor Joedy pointed out how even in their wandering, the nation had decisive victories over 2 powerful kings, Sihon and Og. Israel was supposed to be cursed by Balak and Balaam, but the prophet didn’t curse them, but instead He blessed them, 3 times. Finally, they were prepared by way of Joshua and his new generation.

Taking a look at all that God has done for Israel gives us an idea of His great faithfulness to us. We see that God aided them in victory against great and mighty foes, He did not allow them to be cursed, and only to be blessed, and surely He put everything in place for their further conquest. Consequently, we can be sure of God’s guidance upon us in our own endeavors, blessing every mouth that blesses us, protecting us against every mind that thinks ill will against us… and we know that His discipline is not punishment for our past, but preparation for our future. And apparently this holds true, no matter what state we’re in, or no matter what circumstance or situation we’re brought into.

No matter how we have been taken off course, it’s not that we’ve been taken away from Christ – no, Jesus is the center, our Center, no matter what happens.

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