Power, Peace & Praises – April 24, 2022 (114/365)

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases. His mercies never come to an end. We recognize His endless power and infinite peace bestowed upon us through everything that happens and in everything that’s going on. Our eyes have been opened to such omnipresent love because the faith of Christ has been authored into us… and it all began when we took in the Truth of His body laid down for us, His blood shed for us. It all began when we gave even the slightest consideration to His resurrection – the receipt of His finished work, and the proof of His righteousness leading to eternal life, triumphing over sin.

I praise Him today, through all that’s going on in my mind and in my body… exhausted and in need of rest, I’m in a place where there seems to be no breathing space for unnecessary thinking… just enjoying the bare essential Truth that is all my existence and being has and needs. My mind certainly has all the reason to wander into all sorts of spaces, and I don’t know if this is something I’ve brought myself into because of what day it is, or if it’s some sort of divine providence to keep my being in a state, THE state of awe and wonder.

I’m brought to remember something that I wrote even as early as Friendster times… there was a particular day I felt like a Hindu cow – in my words, ‘I didn’t drink, I didn’t smoke, I didn’t fuck’… I recall I was describing being in a state of peace, one I’m seeing now is beyond understanding.

Now that’s a thought. Peace beyond understanding is backed by power beyond limits. We’ve already established how peace and power come together, just as Grace and Truth come through Christ.

There’s a certain peace in true power, and there’s a definite power in true peace… both coming through Christ and His finished work. The One who takes us from powerful glory to glory is also the Prince of Peace. We have Him, and He has us, and we acknowledge the awesome salvation we have through Him every time we take an extra step to appreciate the power behind the peace and the peace behind the power.

Oh, indeed – the steadfast love of the Lord never ceases. I am brought to this moment of awe and wonder, and all that was needed was to give a little more of my being into intentionally considering the goodness of God. Time spent meditating on the Living Word is never a waste; words of Life come into mind, and/or Life is brought into our words – in our thoughts and through our lips.

I used to think that the time between these moments of euphoria were supposed to be far and wide… but I’m led to reconsider that way of thinking, simply because of the Truth that nothing ever separates us from the love of God. It’s not that the peace and power leave – no, it’s just that we aren’t aware of it most often than not… and even then, it’s okay. I mean, that’s another thing – to know that it was Christ who did everything that had to be done to achieve this reconciliation and perfect union with the Creator of the universe… well, man.. that just sets me free of so much pressure from the old mindsets within and the from performance-centric world.

I will always have full and complete access to this peace beyond understanding because I know that Christ, powerful beyond borders, fully alive despite draining the cup of death to its dregs – Christ is ALWAYS fully and completely with us.

Oh, that we would just take time to take that in. I’m just so thankful that even in days I assume that I’m busy, there are these quick moments in between all that’s going on when we could find rest in Christ. There’s no need for our physical bodies to die before we tell ourselves and others to Rest In Peace. We Rest In Peace, and rise in power. We rest in power, and rise in peace.

In these moments of peace, it couldn’t be avoided. Amidst the deep peace and great power, praise is present – either in ways we are fully aware of, or simply in our breathing. Like I told our church earlier today, every breath in our lungs, every beat of our heart, each blink of our eyes is an absolute celebration of the life we have.

Christ’s finished work – Christ’s finished ministry of reconciliation has rendered us new creations. Once we were broken cisterns unable to grasp any sort of life. Because of Christ, we have been made living, breathing temples of the Holy Spirit, worshipping day and night, in every moment, no matter what seasons in life we navigate through.

We’re present in power and peace, constantly worshipping by way of our mere existing, simply because Christ is in us, and we are in Christ.

How interesting that I’m being brought to exhort about this considering today. How nice that I am reminded of the absolute presence of Christ in every aspect of our beings, just as we are fully fused into the body of Christ. How nice to know this, in spite of what I do, what I don’t do, where I am, who I’m with, and who I’m not with.

It’s a peaceful, powerful reminder of that which really matters, something I believe I needed to take in before I continue through today, and tomorrow, and for the rest of this new week, this new year. I’m humbled to just know the magnitude of just how much Christ has done for me, and I don’t think I’ll be stopping any time soon – I’m pretty sure that I haven’t even scratched the surface of just how wonderful and beautiful this reconciliation is!

Oh, doesn’t it just get us to keep exhorting and overflowing? I’m pretty beat right now as I type all this on my offline notepad, but It doesn’t look like I’m stopping this flow… Oh, in all things concerning me, I am just so thankful, so grateful because Christ is with me through it all… and in the presence of Christ, peace and power flow freely.

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases.

His mercies never come to an end.

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