Walking Steady – April 11, 2022 (101/365)

I keep a close watch on this heart of mine

I keep my eyes wide open all the time

I keep the ends out for the tie that binds

Because You’re mine

I walk the line

Because He’s mine, I walk the line. Because I am His, I walk the line.

To have Him, and for Him to have me; I could make all sorts of assumptions as to what that could mean, but I have resolved that no exercise of my limited imagination could come anywhere close to realizing the reconciliation Christ paid such a great price for me to have. And to think, He was absolutely willing to do everything that He did for me, for us.

It’ll be pretty fruitless for us to stay in speculating, because again, we wouldn’t come near all the details of the reconciliation that we have. And even if we do push our minds and every other aspect of our finite beings to grasp any of it, we run the risk of making a minuscule portion of the Truth into the whole, infinite Truth… and quite frankly, that’s how cults start. Instead of speculating in the name of knowledge, we would do much better for ourselves and all within our influence to just celebrate the grace of God. Yes, this grace which consistently reminds us that we didn’t deserve anything God granted to us; it was Christ who did everything that had to be done, if only for all of us to be reconciled to God.

Because of what Christ has done, behold – we don’t just have access, but full-on boldness to approach, and not only to approach, but to run to the throne of grace. We don’t just have a line to heaven, but we have full and complete confidence to call out to God, knowing that He not only hears us, but lovingly listens to us as a wonderful Father!

Take some time to appreciate this reconciliation – we can certainly come to God as our Father, with all things, without giving too much stress on what requests, complaints, or exhortations are small and big… see, by Christ’s finished work we know that God not only sees all the angles concerning each and every circumstance we come to Him for (and even those we don’t come to Him for, mind you), He also responds. Take note, He doesn’t react – He responds. And He does not respond according to our finite expectations or even, I dare say, our demands, but in His infinite wisdom.

There’s so much more. The fact is, it’s very possible that we would run out of things to say. It’s also very possible that we’d be at a loss for words – we may be overwhelmed by emotions ranging from grief to exhilaration, and/or we simply do not have the words in our minds to express everything that’s in our heads concerning one or many things that are going on. In these cases, we still have peace, and we still run into the arms of our Father. Why? Because the Bible says that the Spirit who is alive in us prays in utterances and groanings we couldn’t explain. No sigh, no detail escapes the loving gaze of our Father.

It’s in this truth that I find comfort tonight. Tonight, of all nights that I choose not to do anything. Today, of all days that I choose to do all the nothing that I could do. Tonight, after an entire day of fighting the urge to do something, after a day of enduring the resultant condemnation with its own traces of FOMO – fear of missing out. It built up to a point that I exhausted myself, and my eyes got strained. I had to really rest, literally lying down earlier, closing my eyes and taking deep breaths, even if I know I didn’t do much in terms of physical activity.

I don’t wish to walk any further if I am pushed primarily by fear. No, in each and every turn I make I would do well to remind myself that it is perfect love that drives me. And even in the times that it may be exhausting to any or all aspects of my being to differentiate fear from love, behold – I AM driven, not only by ‘love’, but no less than a living, perfect Love; Love that lay everything down, Love that’s fully drawn and committed to us – not only for a season, but until the end of time, and unto forever.

I am driven, animated by Love; a living Love, no less than the Son of God alive in me; No less than Jesus Christ.

This is what I wish to remember, this is what I wish to keep in my mind as we go down this Holy Week, for this year. We’ve just celebrated Palm Sunday, and although there were some good revelations that popped up yesterday, and today as well, I’m pretty sure there are going to be so much more snippets, and larger portions of wisdom as the Christian community takes a little more time than usual in these coming days to remember Christ and His finished work. It is my prayer that we would look beyond religion, beyond our efforts of reaching to God – It is my prayer that we would appreciate God’s efforts in reaching us.

I mean, it was in His perfect timing and wisdom, beyond anything I could ever figure out for myself, that Christ came when He did, to a Nation of His choosing, at a season He determined was the best time to show up. For Him to know all this, and so much more… well, it’s just humbling, and to know that this infinite Wisdom chooses to love and commit to me and all who believe… well, that just floors me.

Truly, time spent in meditating this salvation we have in Christ is never wasted time.

Because He’s mine, I walk the line. Because I am His, I walk the line.

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