Twigs And Trees – April 2, 2022 (92/365)

So last night I was preparing for a city-wide brownout which was supposed to happen today. It’s almost noon, and we still have electricity here in our place, so I’m guessing we’re going to fall victim to a power outage at a later time. That, or the folks over at the Benguet Electric Cooperative forgot to flip the switch in our area… which is highly unlikely. I imagine these folks are quick to turn things off, and suddenly pretty slow in letting the juice flow again. Sort of like jeepney drivers in our glorious public transportation system, quick to hear when passengers are handing over their fare, and suddenly deaf when said passengers signal that they need to get down.

Sort of like me, today – procrastinating. Quick to watch the next video on YouTube for my stimulation, slow to actually get off of my ass and do what really matters – hitting the heavy bag, and writing.

I’ve heard at least one person – a pastor, at that – say that when you reach 30, your brain, or whatever part of it anyway, ‘hardens’, and whatever you have in your mind at the time is supposedly what you’ll be living off of for the rest of your life. I remember in the months leading to me hitting 30 I was feeling so much pressure in anticipation of that time, much so that I was suddenly doing all sorts of cramming, of things that I want to keep until my body expires – I started trying to establish habits, memorizing thoughts… Of course I was writing as early as then and though it helped me a lot with retention, I recall that it did barely anything to stave off the overwhelming anxiety of possibly losing the potential to retain anything as soon as the clock hit midnight on my first day as a 30 year old.

I remember the reasoning of this pastor was partially based on the fact that Christ Himself started serving the people and speaking out on the Kingdom of Heaven at age – you guessed it – 30. I mean, the pastor seemed to be backed by science, and now he brings in religion – in a rare occasion these two mindsets, which we are taught are to be bitter enemies, are suddenly reconciled.

But like all things too good to be true, that thought of a ‘permanent’ brain at 30 was absolute bollocks. Now that I think of it, I believe I’ve learned a majority of what drives me and propels me today AFTER 30.

You can see that I opened this entire article with me lamenting about procrastination, and while I was about to mention that I shouldn’t be procrastinating so hard at my age – which is close to 40, I’ll admit – I stopped for a bit, thinking about where I was when I was about to turn 30. Right now I’m leaning more to being thankful for the quantity and quality and variety of lessons I’ve had in this decade I’m currently in, and it makes me feel better about myself.

Sure, there are still these opportunities, such as procrastination. I suppose it’s up there with another thing I believe I was struggling with since 2 decades ago, that is the attraction to dominance – I discussed that on the tail end of yesterday’s set of a thousand words. When I think about what’s common between these two – procrastination and dominance – I’m led to thinking that they are inferior forms to what truly matters. Procrastination is a lesser, ignorant form of peace, while dominance is a mere aspect of the entire picture of power.

Interesting composition in that last statement – it’s like we’re constantly being fed a mere facet of the entire picture, forced to believe that’s the entire picture. Apparently sometimes you don’t need to create idols from scratch – no, maybe all you need to do is to snap off a twig and present it as the entire tree. That’s a subtle deception, one of the many lies in the arsenal of the soulless salesman.

But on the flip side, I guess that’s where we ought to push for – a mind that refuses to believe that the twig is all there is, a mind that is able to imagine the possibilities beyond the twig, one that is not afraid to question the talebearer on what he or she is or isn’t saying. Marketing can certainly get us far in this finite world, but I believe that it’s in learning that we apply a mindset that looks beyond the borders of time and space. With that said I could say that learning is always going to be superior to marketing. But in our learning, we see the value of marketing, no more, no less. What I mean is that we value marketing as a twig to the tree, and not the entire tree itself.

The aforementioned pastor was clearly presenting age 30 as a twig – a VERY limited and shortsighted twig, at that. And we shouldn’t be following this example.

Christian, I say again, we shouldn’t be following this example. I’ll go straight to the point – we shouldn’t be spewing out facts and claiming that all of them are Truth. We should be knowing the difference between facts and Truth in the first place – from our perspective, it’s Christ who is the Truth, and a living Truth, at that. Anything and everything else that we formulate in our minds and our senses from our finite beings is fact… and like anything finite, facts are finite.

The Truth that – or rather, WHO – we have, is an infinite and living Truth… Christ is infinite – static yet dynamic. Christ is alive – not confined to a codex of teachings, quotes, and/or exploits, He was not only alive and significant in the past – no, when we say He is living, He is present, here and now.

But what about the Bible? Aren’t those collections of teachings, quotes and/or exploits? Well, that’s the thing – the same Bible that people call contradictory actually PROVE how Christ is alive, and not only alive, but faithful – even in all the contradictions we all are involved in, as a species and as individuals, then and now

Christ is infinite, and He is alive. We certainly cannot fathom everything that there is about Him – as I always say, the finite could not hope to come close to perceiving the infinite. Also, apparently, we couldn’t take a piece off of Christ and call it the entire picture, either. Not that we’ve tried – I’m pretty sure there are cults out there worshipping the Shroud of Turin, or people making more than they ought to out of the supposed sites of Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection, completely forgetting Christ who is the Foundation underneath all the significance.

We could go deeper than marketing by learning.. but before we go ahead and start fighting each other about what’s better or worse, let us never forget that the foundation, the motivation, the LIFE beneath all that we do is no less than Christ Himself. In fact, it is from Christ and His finished work that we are directed, no matter who we are or where we’ve been or what we’ve been through – to learn, to market, to live.

Let us be propelled, not by fear of losing it all, but in awe and wonder of Christ, who gave all.



You see the depths of my heart, and You love me the same

You are amazing, God.

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