Appreciating Flow (Mental Dump, cont’d) – March 6, 2022 (65/365)

!!Again, proceed with caution. This is more of yesterday plus the day before!!

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases. His mercies never come to an end. His mercies are new with every morning. Every time I lie down to sleep I am surrounded, saturated by the mercies of my loving Father. Every time I wake up, no matter how I feel, I am filled with mercy – not from the day before, but fresh, new mercies.

I am, therefore, refreshed by new mercies, and, as the Psalmist would say, mercies that reach as high as the heavens are above the earth. These mercies are not only for me, but for each and every other believer, each and every other member of the body of Christ. Each and every morning we behold how deep and how wide the love of God is for His children.

I thank God for this morning. I thank God for today. No matter what goes on in my mind and in my body, the truth remains that this as well as the rest of my being, all the details, facets, and perspectives of who I am, are all covered, filled, overwhelmed and overflowing with the endless, everlasting love, grace, and peace of God. I thank Him, because this was by no means because of any of my actions or works or claims to righteousness – No, I celebrate the goodness of God because it was all guaranteed to me through the finished work of none other than Jesus Christ – the only Son of God. I celebrate Christ, because it was all through His finished work that my salvation, my reconciliation was introduced and completed.

By His birth we remember how it was not us who went up to God, but it was Christ who came from the heavenlies to be born as one of us. By His death we have been reconciled, just as sin is imputed to the sacrifice, so sin was fully taken – Christ became sin, and in the exchange we have been made one with Him, our former frame put to death, crucified with Christ. By His resurrection was the guarantee that we have been saved, for by His righteousness He was brought into eternal life, life that could not be held down by death… and as He rose again so we rose, made righteous as well, righteous unto eternal life. By His ascension our reconciliation has been completed, and as He is seated at the right hand of the Father, so we have also been seated in the heavenly places. The proof of this is in the Holy Spirit, who descended upon the disciples in the upper room, and who has descended upon each and every one of us who have come to believe in Christ, and not after anything else anyone else insists we do.

I could keep on saying this with each and every day, and it would still sound so new to me. Or, rather, I would never grow sick of it, because it’s what allows me to see every day with hope, no matter how the world would have me look at this reality. The Truth of what I have in the Holy Spirit, guaranteed by who I am in Christ, will always sound so sweet to me, so pleasant, and so refreshing – it’s what keeps me going, no matter how this world blasts me with noise, in a futile attempt to confuse me and everyone else.

Truly, through the realization of Christ and His finished work, and how it is absolute and yet so refreshing each and every time we put our beings into celebrating it – that’s what gives us hope, as an anchor for our souls, in a world that would leave us torn apart by forces that would push us to and fro. The Truth of Christ and His finished work holds our minds and our entire beings together in a peace that goes beyond all human understanding, which would have us anxious, impulsive and confused.

I thank Jesus today, for in His love we behold a hope that not only keeps us level and still, but also a hope that serves as firm ground for us to build upon, that we are able to bound forward as well. In His love we also behold a peace that holds us together, no matter what accusations come from our past, or what thoughts shake us in the present. We have a hope, and a peace that guarantees nothing less than God’s goodness and favor for us, which was, and is, and is to come, no matter how fear would try to grip us.

I thank Him, truly, I thank Him, because in these moments I remember God’s perfect love which casts out all my fear, of past consequences, of present dangers, and of future uncertainties. God’s perfect love is a timeless love, and everlasting love which recognizes time, but is itself superior to time, simply because of its nature – God is an everlasting God with no beginning and end, and therefore His love has no beginning and no end.

Consequently, God is an infinite God who established the borders of the heavens and the earth, and is Himself without any borders; therefore, His love is just as infinite, with no origin and no limit (It took me a while to understand how His love is without ‘origin’ because I previously used verbiage like ‘ever increasing and ever diminishing’, as if it lost in quantity, but I suppose it’s a whole lot better for us to see God’s love as big enough to literally overflow the entire universe, but also tiny and tinier to fit in the smallest portions of the smallest particles we could ever observe).

Oh, praise Him! For indeed, His love is present from one end of a spectrum to the other, from beginning to the end, from first to the last, and beyond – For He is truly above all of it! We would try to explain and elaborate on it, and in every attempt we would fail, for how could creation ever contain an everlasting and infinite Creator with his or her own limited mind, much less his or her fragile body? We would do so much better to relinquish all attempts to do such impossible acts, if only to just trust in Him… And, in trusting Him, we would appreciate Him, with each day being better than the day before.

We continue to trust in Him – we could steer ourselves to the left or right while navigating through a rushing river, but it is the river that ultimately determines our direction… And today, before anything else I plan on doing, before I go ahead and try to make any sense in anything else, I would stop trying to control the force of these rivers of living water…

…Instead, Father, as I have told people countless times before… Let us flow.

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