Hurt Truths – February 27, 2022 (58/365)

The aftermath.

And here I was thinking I did a pretty decent job… but if you watched the replay of all I had to share earlier this afternoon, I don’t know. I don’t necessarily think I did a bad job, but I don’t think I did a good job either. Part of me is telling myself now to just let it stay as it is, and to move onto March. Or, yeah okay I’ll say it, march onto March.

Speaking of marching, all I could really trust when it comes to troops marching into one country from another – I’m not going to mention who because I’m pretty sure you have every single other news outlet, and every other social network all over what some are calling the precursors of World War 3 – Sorry, all I could really trust are people who I know are really on the ground. I’m talking about a pretty prominent urban explorer who actually lives in the capital city, who is broadcasting and sharing his experience, down to his failed attempts to flee, on YouTube (and I do give to him through Patreon) – Not necessarily by way of video, but by text posts which he tries his best in his broken English to share.

It’s true what Zuby and Ryan Luelf are sharing – sure, we’re all against war, and sure, there’s nothing wrong with sharing posts, pictures, and text with hashtags. Some of us would express solidarity with the invaded country, and I definitely have no problem with that, but really, at the same time, it seems like the pandemic is over with all the cameras pointed from the virus and the statistics, to this most recent military conflict.

With that I cannot say I have any more trust in the mainstream media… or, at best, I’ll probably be a doubting Thomas. Now that I think about it, I’m certainly fine with believing in God, and Jesus Christ being the Son of God, and His birth, death, resurrection and ascension being real to my senses and my entire being. I’m certainly fine, not only in believing that Christ existed, but that He completed and finished all He intended to do – The Ministry of Reconciliation, the establishment of the New Covenant.

The thing here is that what beliefs I have, and what faith has been established and developed have certainly not originated from my work or my being – Christ is not only the only begotten Son of God who was born, died, and rose from the dead, but actually in so doing, He was also the one responsible for authoring, beginning, establishing the faith I have today. He is the author of the faith of anyone and everyone who calls Himself a believer of Christ, a follower of Christ, anyone who celebrates the goodness of God as seen through all that Christ has done.

I go through all that text only to say that when it comes to Christ, I have decided there is no doubt. He established my faith, and He is faithful to finish what He began in me.

When it comes to anything and everything else in this world, however… I suppose my faith also has to do with the confidence I have to openly doubt anything as powerfully influential as big tech, and mainstream media.

It’s not that I bash data and facts; however corruptible they may be, we cannot live in this world with any hope of efficiency without using them. The point I have is, the Truth takes prevalence – not that we have a choice in making the Truth prevalent, and no matter if we believe in Christ or not, the Truth always takes prevalence over what our senses declare as facts, and over any data which stays raw or converts into information.

I’m not bashing the facts of the virus, and the data backing the vaccines. Nor am I against what’s being flashed on the media concerning (okay, I’ll say it) the facts of the Ukraine-Russia conflict, and the data – some of which is actually pretty crucial – projecting possible scenarios that may happen, and their respective repercussions.

No, what I’m saying is that I acknowledge that the credibility of data and facts are measured by levels and percentages, rather than being true or false. We are able to see this only from a foundation established by the unwavering Truth.

The Truth prevails. We say Truth shall prevail, but the Truth is that it prevails, no matter what we expect. Data expires. Facts may last much longer, but given enough time, they expire as well. If facts do not expire they lose functionality, they lose significance.

Not so with Truth, established before the creation of Time, existing before the laying of the borders of the heavens and the earth. Truth is eternal, Truth is infinite…

Truth is alive. Christ is the Way and the Life, Christ is the Truth. Christ is the living Word.

I am thankful for these seemingly turbulent times, because they have taught me to understand and appreciate that which the Holy Spirit has led me to commit to in terms of calling and receiving as my own Truth, who is no less than Jesus Christ.

I am part of His body, comprising of saints, those who yet live and those whose physical bodies have expired, for the rest of their beings to celebrate His everlasting glory.

Part of me is saying that I sound like a fanatic… but when I think about it, it’s no different from anyone and everyone who twitches in fear at every report and every fact and every collection of manipulated data. If there’s anything we all have in common in this world, it’s that we all call something our Truth… and our lives naturally communicate what our entire beings have committed to calling our Truth.

The world sees what we believe as truth more than what our limited minds decide to call our truth… and while the option to fool the world to believe what we want them to believe is available, it is a lie, and the repercussions of a lie are not only fatal to ourselves but potentially for all that we hold dear.

The way of Christ is certainly narrow, not in that you would work hard to get in an maintain it, but I believe it takes the smallest consideration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for our entire beings to be shaken to its core by the overwhelming Truth of the goodness and everlasting love of God.

There may be things I say here that may not necessarily be as accurate, but I am confident as ever to keep sharing, just as I understand that the Truth is not necessarily static, but, as I imagine, a river that continues to just flow in and through – not only my mind, but in the entire being of each and every believer.

I suppose this is where I draw my comfort tonight. A few minutes of failure to realize the eternal Truth of Christ, proclaiming my righteousness and my moving from glory to glory?

I’ll take it.

Good night, folks.

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