Great Is Thy Faithfulness – February 24, 2022 (55/365)

‘When battles near, I will not fear, Your promises are unshaken

My faith is sure of nothing more, than Christ alone, my portion

In every hour, I will recall all my hope is Jesus’

Lord, we’re thankful for Your faithfulness. It’s overwhelming enough for us to consider how You keep each and every one of us in mind. We know You said that You loved the world, but we also know through Your Word that you know the number of hairs on our heads. The Word testifies of how You know our innermost thoughts and how You hear the groanings of our hearts. Father, through this we take in the Truth that You know all there is to know about us, in the physical aspect, the mental and emotional perspectives of our beings. Through the Word we also see how You made the first move and loved us first in spite of being aware of all that there is to know about each and every one of us. You knew the many possibilities, the many ways our lives would pan out in this reality, and You STILL thought we were worth saving; Jesus, You saw all of us as individuals and You did not hold back in laying down Your life, rising again, and ascending into eternity, that all who would allow even the slightest consideration of this Truth into their being would have their lives turned totally upside down, being brought from darkness into light, from fear to perfect love..

And as we know that You know all of us as individuals, Father, we know that you know us as families. We know that you know us as organizations, fellowships, churches; And Father, You certainly know us as nations as well. For all our geopolitical prowess, we acknowledge that You’re actually the only one who not only knows all there is to know about each situation, down to the very thoughts of each and every person involved and affected, You’re the only one with the wisdom – the timeless, infinite wisdom that could take it all in, and handle it from each and every level.

Lord, we acknowledge that You came down our level by way of being born as one of us, that You would relate to the unique circumstances and the most twisted of situations that any and all of us have faced, all moments ranging from those people know, those we make people know, down to those that we and only we would only know for ourselves. And, of course, as You came down to acknowledge all of us in the individual level, you are certainly able to understand – no, You are certainly FAITHFUL to make all things happening on an inter-national point of view for the good of those who love You and are called according to Your purpose.

We acknowledge all this, and we rest, knowing that You are certainly in the midst of all that is happening between Ukraine and Russia. You are certainly in the midst of all that is going on in Canada, between its government and the Trucker Convoy. You are certainly present, ministering to individuals and organizations, in the escalating tensions between China and Taiwan, between political parties as the Presidential Elections in the Philippines looms, and other situations and circumstances that the mainstream media would have us ignore.

Considering all that those with power would have us see, we can say that things are bad. What more can we say, considering what the media would not have us see? One thing is for sure – we see and know that this world is suffering, as it has suffered ever since the Fall.

Yet, Father, in spite of all this, we are thankful, again, for Your faithfulness. It is in these times of turbulence, in these times of heightened stress and anxiety that we see Your faithfulness towards us clearer, in that You keep us in peace. Yes, our eyes are upon You, but more than our eyes are on You, You look upon each and every one of us in favor, faithfulness and love; More than we are holding on to You, in these times more than ever we understand how You have never let us go, and You will never allow us to be snatched from Your hand. We see the beauty of Your faithfulness. We see how Your lovingkindness endures forever. We see how even in these times, when we may be shaken and make our mistakes, the implications of the finished work of Christ remain the same, if not emphasized even more – that in and out of season, whether we feel it or not, we are righteous. Our righteousness is proof of Christ’s resurrection, and we are able to see righteousness in action, especially during these times when love moves more than it talks.

Indeed, thank You, Father. You are with the Body of Christ, all over the world – in Ukraine and Russia where the tensions have escalated, in the USA and the EU, where they have their own agendas to promote; You are with investors who have made or lost much as the theatre of war unfolds, and You are with each and every one of us who have either posted on social media, or are trembling out of all that’s been posted wherever they go. Father, You haven’t stepped away, nor have You distanced Yourself; No, God, because of Christ, You continue to be as close to us as we could ever be, and we are very thankful.

Continue to move in and through us, that we would love one another, and in so doing fulfill the commandment of Christ, much needed in these times and moments. All of our individual issues, down the the innermost secrets, up to our concerns for our cities and countries – they are all in Your hands. We move as You move, and You move when we move. It’s certainly all of You and all of us, together now and forever. Let this Truth be communicated in us in the resolution of our thoughts. Let the Living Word be communicated through us as we love one another, for the world to see that we are Yours.

Thank You, Jesus.

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