Love First – February 22, 2022 (53/365)

Tuesday. February 22, 2022. That’s a lot of two’s. Pretty timely because I do want to write my thoughts, and they involve the number two.

Actually, the phrase. ‘Number Two’. Observing public perception in and out of social media, and we see in our neck of the woods that my particular choice for President of our country is more or less set to win this elections come this May… That is, unless some shady actors pull off a major magical cheating run on the voting results. That’s what worries me, because the threat of it happening is very real.

Side note, that’s why I wanted to get back to IT, Data Science and penetration testing, just so that I could have some sort of idea on how anyone can pull that off, so as early as now, things can be properly communicated and brought to the public eye. Yeah, I had some ambitions. But apparently people have been stepping up to do their own freelance IT investigating on the systems that will be involved… and as early as now, they’re drawing up some dirt. If anything, I want to help these people, if I couldn’t do all the sleuthing myself.

But going back. The candidate who is more or less suspected to benefit the most out of any fraud that would happen said earlier on that she would be running just to go against Marcos Jr. And if you take a look at the approach of the media and the people campaigning for her – it doesn’t take too much effort to find them, actually – they are literally hell-bent on destroying his name more than promoting anything that she can do for the country.

Or, well, there have been promotions – TikTok videos of her talking to internet celebrities, videos of her doing the Hadouken, making the finger heart pose… and while this is an insult to the intelligence of the concerned Filipino voter, her supporters are still making it look like she is immaculate.

I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to go so deep in what I really think of what’s going on. I’m pretty sure that there are other things for us to talk about, other things that our awareness should go to – but I will say this, and this applies to the upcoming Presidential Elections here in the Philippines, or in the threat of war between Russia and Ukraine, or when we talk about the Truckers’ Convoy in Canada – The power of hate will get you very far, but the furthest you will go, the best that hatred can give you is number Two.

You can cheat your way to number One, but even if you suppress your moral compass and try to convince yourself that what you did was right, and even if you win, the repercussions of the hatred you have will ultimately place the subject of your hatred to number One.

As I write all that I’m pretty sure it’s all easy to say within a bubble, and I’m pretty sure there are some factors and details beyond my consideration, which put my statement in question – but I will never see hatred as a perpetual value-add to keep us going, up until the day our bodies expire. I am convinced that if held long enough, hatred and all its cousins in the family of bitterness have the very real possibility of manifesting in our bodies, as cancers, tumors, and just overall failure of our biological machineries.

There may be some science behind it but instead of trying to elaborate on it any further I will just say that those sorts of emotions produce stress, and with enough stress the body is sure to be set on a path of destruction. Minds and bodies break because of hatred.

And as Christians, we may have had our past programming us in patterns of hatred, but sooner or later we will realize for ourselves that, as we have been made new creations, we are certainly not made for hate. The truth of us being fully reconciled with God through the finished work of Christ ought to set us free from any thought that God hates us, or that He looks at us with resentment, guarding our every move down to the breaths we take, ready to pounce on us with wrath whenever we make a mistake. No, that all sounds like something Satan would do.

Fortunately, brothers and sisters in Christ, the enemy no longer has any right to whale on us with hatred and bitterness. Any accusations he may have against us have been declared null and void, drowned out by the truth of our inseparable union with Jesus Christ, and the absolute favor we have knowing we have been fully reconciled to God.

Unfortunately, everyone else who has yet to hear and appreciate this said Gospel for themselves is easy prey for this enemy, who we would call the Accuser. And as he hates on the world, so the world hates itself and others. It’s a sad fact, one we ought to recognize and respect, but one we should face with confidence.

Yes, we are confident, and even excited to face this world poised to steal, kill and destroy us, knowing that the moment anyone who hears and allows some consideration of the Truth of God’s love guaranteed for us through Jesus Christ is the moment their lives are turned completely upside down, fear cast away by perfect love. Oh, that we would all come to the knowledge of this saving grace, that we would all embark on our own adventures, even in this flawed reality, but with the infinite love of God absolutely infused into all that we are!

More than the favorable resolution of the Philippine Elections, or in what’s going on in Ukraine and Canada, I pray – we pray for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to shine ever brighter.

As Christ placed us as His first priority, and gave everything for us to be saved, so we consider others – beyond their political, financial, theological, or even physical standpoints, we give as we have been given with a love that goes beyond opinion and ideal. We love as we have been loved, and Christ is recognized, and Christ is celebrated.

That’s number one.

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