Tribute To The Infinite – February 21, 2022 (52/365)

I’m sorry in advance. Some charismatic speaker (whose name I shall not mention) was talking about prophecy and how we can ‘harness the power of God’ in the background; this is me reacting, and forgive me, but it felt a little good to finally get this out of my chest.

To The Body Of Christ:

The moment we appreciate how God’s love for us is overwhelming is the moment we understand how underwhelming anything else in this reality is.

The moment we appreciate the intricacies behind God’s love for us, as Christ made known in clear sight for all to behold, through His birth, death, resurrection, and ascension… Brothers and sisters, this is the moment we see the details behind everything we see, hear, and feel, down to everything beyond the reach of our senses and perceptions – all as inferior, to the infinite Truth that burns so brightly in and through us, secondary to the eternal Life, the Living Word alive in us, seen in all aspects of our being.

I say this, because I simply cannot take how these so-called modern day prophets dare to cheapen the Gospel of Jesus Christ by way of limiting the infinite power of God to our works. I cannot take how they would say that the goodness of God leads us to repentance at one point, but then they would say that we need to speak out to initiate changes in our finite circumstances, as if our words cover all there is to know about what is going on.

I will not stand by while these people say what the rest of the world wants to hear, in essence cheapening the finished work of Jesus Christ, by giving more focus on the strength of our ‘faith’, which is apparently measured by the accuracy and the confidence behind our declarations and our prayers. They preach another brand of works and call it ‘faith’, but this is FAR from the faith OF God – THIS faith which (1) would be elaborated best by A.S. Worrell in his perspective of Mark 11:22:

“Have the faith of God; translators generally render this, “Have faith in God;” but if this had been the thought, it would have been easy to have expressed it in the Greek. Faith originates with God; and those who have real faith have His faith; the same perhaps as “the faith which is of the Son of God.” Gal. 2:20.

This faith, which originates from God, (2) would be AUTHORED in us, not something we would produce, by no less than Jesus Christ, who is the author and the finisher of our faith (Hebrews 12:2). It (3) would come forth by HEARING the Word of Christ (Romans 10:17), who HIMSELF is the Word made flesh (John 1:14)…

Obviously we do NOT generate our own faith by way of works, or self-centered religion masquerading as ‘faith’, but it is Christ HIMSELF who establishes and perfects the faith we have; it is not up to us to ‘apply’ faith in all aspects of our perceived being.

As Christ completely died and completely resurrected, so we have been made completely separated from sin as east is from the west, and so we were made completely new creations, righteous and alive unto God, calling Him ‘Father!’ – We didn’t save ourselves, we aren’t in charge of moving from glory to glory, and surely it is Christ, and NOT us, who has already done a great work in us, and it is Christ, NOT us, who will finish the work that HE has started!

Brothers and sisters, I go through all this only to say that we ought to move in this finite reality according to the infinite implications of Christ’s FINISHED work, and not out of the temptation for us to work finite ‘miracles’ in this world.

Christ’s finished work IMPLIES that we are loved with an everlasting love, a perfect love; this therefore IMPLIES that we no longer move in the fear that once dominated us.

Christ’s finished work IMPLIES that there is no more condemnation because we have been set free of the one who condemns us; this therefore IMPLIES that we move in the full and complete favor we have in God! We move, knowing that we can run freely to the throne of grace!

Christ’s finished work IMPLIES that NOTHING can ever separate us from the love of God; this therefore IMPLIES that anything and everything in this reality would CONNECT us, at the very least REMIND us of the infinite love that God has for us!

The enemy comes to steal our faith by way of fear. He is still moving in this world frantically to kill our hope by way of condemnation. He comes to destroy our relationships by way of accusations. These are facts that will soon have its end… But, if we finish John 10:10, it is not US who is in charge of generating life – NO! It is and has always been CHRIST who has come and it is CHRIST who HIMSELF is the life in us, abundant in love, favor, and commendation!

With all this said, why in the world do we give so much reverence to miracles, when CHRIST is the greatest miracle we could ever have?

Why in the world do we give so much attention to ‘prosperity’, when CHRIST is the bread of life who never leaves us hungry, the water of life that would never leave us thirsty! Why do we put so much emphasis on ‘blessings’ according to how WE define them, when it is Christ who has blessed us with every spiritual (read: SUPERIOR) blessing in the heavenly (read: INDISPUTABLE) realms?

Why in the world do we give so much attention to the healing and comfort of our mortal being, when the life we have in Christ goes wider and further that our physical bodies?

Why do we give so much attention to knowing the strategies and feelings of the powers and principalities of this world, when Christ has GUARANTEED that NOTHING can ever snatch us away from His hand (John 10:28-30)? Why are we so obsessed with spiritualizing any and all circumstances that we may perceive as ‘wrong’, ‘rebuking’ them as if our empty words and stomping have any value, when it was CHRIST who spoke against the storm, it was CHRIST who spoke for Lazarus to come forth, it was CHRIST who spoke to the fig tree?

Are we trying to COPY the Christ who walked this world, knowing that HE and HE ALONE could do what He could do? Shouldn’t we be moving in awe and wonder of this same Savior, who loved us first and lay down HIS life for us, that we being reconciled would move forth, advancing the ministry of reconciliation?

Oh, my brothers and sisters! There is much more to life than what we see and hear – Truth be told there was NO life to be had BEFORE Christ saved us!

You can overhype the finite and always end up short, or you can be overwhelmed by the infinite, moving in awe and wonder.

But none of these things move me, neither count I my life dear unto myself, so that I might finish my course with joy, and the ministry, which I have received of the Lord Jesus, to testify the gospel of the grace of God. – Acts 20:24

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