Multivac – January 24, 2022 (24/365)

First off, sorry about last night. I didn’t go through the dumpster fire of text that I rolled out, but I’ll get back to it soon as I finish sharing what I have in mind right now.

I literally walked right back in from completing 10000 steps. Now, it’s something I’ve done before, but oftentimes when I would try to make up for the balance at night before the clock hits 12, I hook the earphones up and listen to an audiobook or a podcast. Tonight, however, I chose to bring the phone, but only to take any pictures if ever. I didn’t listen to anything, instead, just walked. I just let the body flow, and let the mind follow as well. Any thoughts that came in were given consideration before another thought was allowed to flow in.

If I remember, some of the thoughts were as follows:

The Burpee Al-Arab

I pulled off a workout which I developed based on all the pyramid-style workouts I’ve been doing. As a hat-tip to my good friends in Dubai I called it the Burpee Khalifa. The idea behind this was to start off with high reps of lower-count burpees, ‘building’ the tower by lowering the number of reps, but increasing the counts on the burpees, effectively working my way from a ‘foundation’ to the very tip of the tower. Last time I did this I reached up to 1 38-count burpee.

Now, the Burpee Al-Arab I ought to try will be different – considering the structure of the Burj Al-Arab, it has a cross, or a sail frame, meaning there’s a slight point almost at the top where the building floor space is significantly wider. I’m not sure I made any sense there but considering that the Burj Al-Arab is way shorter than the Burj Khalifa, I thought I’d start off as normal, but the difference in reps between each set will be smaller, and towards the top I will suddenly increase the number of reps dramatically, to ‘build’ the wide area of the cross.

In Tagalog, ‘basta yun’. There’s also the Burpee of Giza that I thought of, which would be the same pyramid form ascent, but instead of counts per rep I would increase the number of pumps, and match each pushup with a squat.

‘Book Reports’

Or in this case, ‘Podcast Reports’. I’ve noticed I’ve been downloading more podcasts in Spotify; well, at least faster than I listen to each of them, but I was thinking about probably listening to a podcast, and tweeting anything I pick up in real-time, as a thread on Twitter. I was thinking I’d unroll the resultant thread and share my thoughts on Minds & Gettr.

I only came to this point of thinking because earlier today, I thought it was a good idea to revisit the potentials of Facebook and Instagram, with its Business Suite allowing me to schedule posts. When we saw that this was a function that we were using in our church social media profiles, I was reminded that it was something that I actually wanted to do with my own personal profiles in the past, particularly the ones that feature my photography.

And now that I’m sharing all this I’m seeing the value of buying time back – what I mean is by exploiting the function of scheduling posts, I could take my mind off of that process to invest any creative energy into other things.

Other thoughts that came into mind were more of follow-ups to administrative things, stuff like scheduling stuff for the church social media, especially now that February is coming up, and possibly going as far as setting up posts for Holidays and birthdays for church members. Oh, that and really getting into the process of setting up solar power. What gets me is that the sun comes out every day and I’m not maximizing what I could get from it. It’s a free resource.

Oh, something else I considered was, maybe I should try doing these 1000 words in the morning, before anything else? It’ll come out sort of how Iron Chef Rokusaburo Michiba would write his menu before he started cooking.

I appreciated this walk. I burned calories and allowed my mind to wander just as much as my body, and things were clarified. I guess it’s something I should be doing regularly.

As much as I tried, I wasn’t able to get into a possible theme for my message for next Sunday. I was also trying to think about what to talk about next month, Valentines’ month… but perhaps I’ll need to take another walk for that.

But of course, the message will continue to stick to the theme of practical love. What’s ironic, now that I think about it, is that I’m talking about practical love. Shouldn’t I be demonstrating it? Shouldn’t it be more about actions that speak louder than words?

No, to stick to that sort of mindset would also lead me to the wrong way of thinking, which is not to say any words at all. In this age where anyone could get their words out, I believe it is the best words that have the best chance of the highest exposure, and the best words, in absence of actions, are the most sincere of words.

So the theme we’re sticking with, perhaps an underlying tone to the rolled-out theme of Practical Love, is sincere love. Because whether we are needed to speak, or if the times dictate for us to act, it is sincerity that serves as a force-multiplier either way.

In fact, I think that’d be the theme for next week, huh? We rolled out Practical Love. Then I talked about how this love is practical in that it is Necessary, especially now where the hate is as new as the times. I talked about how this is a Personal love, and last week I talked about how it is a Present love. It’s personal in that it is Christ – Christ knows all there is to know about us, and loves us anyway; and it is so personal, in fact, that it is with us 100% of the time, all the time, no matter what – it is a Present love.

Of course, I’ll need to devote some meditation to where I’m led in the Bible to emphasize that God’s love is sincere. I couldn’t quite put it yet, but I’m glad, by way of writing all this, that I have the word ‘sincere’ even in my mind.

Another thing that came into mind, something that I’d like to share before I forget about it – it’s something that sort of confirms that I’m on the right path:

Last Saturday night, I was out with some former schoolmates, and just to cut a long story short, I didn’t really value these people as friends, considering how my experiences in the school where we all met left a bitter taste in my mouth. But don’t get me wrong either, because – and I mean this – by God’s grace, I saw this all as an opportunity for me to take in and flow out God’s love for me. I believe I was able to get that point through.

But this is what I wanted to share. Of course, these folks were all married with children, and one of them asked when I was going to get married. I said, ‘soon’. No definite dates, though I think I remember saying, in my alcohol-laced mind, ‘this year’. Guy who asks said, that’s a better response than the one I got from another batchmate, who was more vague – I didn’t think it could get more vague than my answer.

Another more level-headed schoolmate cut in and said – and I’m seriously taking this as a declaration (apparently part of me still believes in declarations) – that knowing me, I wasn’t the sort of guy who would go out and look, but I was the one to attract. Now that I think about the words I’d be typing, it doesn’t sound as appealing, considering the words ‘prey’ and ‘hunter’ came into mind.

But I guess, the way I see it, is I’m the homing beacon for the search party. And now that I type it that way, I’m thinking it’s just right for me to work on fine-tuning my frequency so the ‘search party’ would be fine-tuned as well.

Fine-tuning, and increasing of broadcast power. I’m a radio now. Hah.

But it makes sense, doesn’t it? I mean, what with the analysis and improvement of my daily processes and systems (with the introduction of automation by way of scheduling), and the efforts of refining what knowledge flows in and out (by way of the tweet-threads from consuming conversations between high-powered individuals), isn’t that fine tuning? And with the automation, and therefore the increase in the number of posts, wouldn’t that be an increase in broadcast power?

The great computer in Isaac Asimov’s ‘The Last Question’ responds


Let’s get those walks in, shall we?

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