Start Good. – January 17, 2022 (17/365)

Today was pretty good.

I’m typing this from Evernote and what you aren’t seeing is 90% of the list of things I wanted to do today crossed out. I think I may want to ready a list of things to do tomorrow, right after I go ahead and type what’s been on my mind today.

There wasn’t much, actually. To be honest, it was just mostly me working, thankful for a system in place that me yesterday thoughtfully prepared for me today.

What I will say is that today I started taking detox supplements, to rid my body of any gunk that built up over the 2021 holiday season. I also watched my food intake, and right now, I’m typing this with a big mug of green tea, when I would’ve been scarfing down enough food to be called another meal.

No, I stayed strict today, in the name of starting things right. I worked out right, meaning I started the day with a good cardio session, which was really just me walking to the grocery to buy the ingredients I needed for the Keema I eventually whipped up for lunch. It did feel good to cook again, and it was good to see that the spices that were begging to be cooked after a long time in the cupboard were still handy in adding the flavor I needed. Not to mention, the turmeric we had since so long ago held out – it was good, because everyone here in the house is in need of an immunity boost. So I guess I cooked right as well.

I wasn’t done working out, around noon I visited an old friend – Man Makers, and this time I used a pair of 20 pound dumbbells to properly welcome them back into circulation. I should do more of them, and Thrusters as well. Maybe tomorrow, paired with high-pump burpees.

Oh, and when I was done shooting the sunset, I also walked a little more, just to hit 10K steps. Probably another thing I want to hit daily, on top of these 1000 words I’m piling up right now.

Could you notice I’m pretty psyched about how today turned out for me? I suppose if I prepare for tomorrow by setting up systems today (systems – goals which could be met in a day, regularly over days, to reach long-term results), and as long as I keep in mind that the efforts I put into the systems will never be wasted, I should be good. In fact, I’m just glad I started the week right.

Here’s to this happening for every other Monday for this year, 2022. We start years right by doing the first month right. We start months right by doing the first week right – well, technically, this wasn’t very true for me, but no matter, because if you don’t hit the first week, there’ll always be the next week, and we start weeks right by doing the first day right.

And, dare I go on, we start the day right by doing the first hours right. This certainly involves not using the phone first thing in the morning.

And another thing, you start the day right by doing the last hours of the day before just as right… which also involves not using the phone right before sleeping. So many risks in having the phone so close to you before you sleep and as you wake up.

Let me go back to a little earlier. As the golden hour loomed, and I had the car outside anyway because I brought my Mom to town earlier, I got things ready to shoot the sunset. However, as I drove off and saw the sunset side, it was a bust; all that was shoot-worthy were the gold-lined clouds which were covering the descent of the sun.

Without actually thinking much of what’s left to shoot, I decided to keep worship playing like white noise on Spotify as I headed for Happy Hollow, by way of Military Cut Off. To my surprise, I caught an outline of the moon rising as I drove through South Drive. I was tempted to drive faster to catch whatever I could, but I was actually feeling pretty chill while I was driving at a so-so speed behind a slow motorcycle I couldn’t pass – besides, the road was too narrow for me to overtake.

But when I did get to the Happy Hallow area, I took a couple safety shots on the way to where I intended to catch the moonrise in an optimum angle. As I approached, Ansel Adams’ Moonrise over New Mexico was on my mind, and I was determined to shoot that sort of perspective; so determined, that I passed on an opportunity to shoot the clear, full moon (which wasn’t shining as bright as it is now with the night sky) directly above taller pine tree with distinct branches making for a charming silhouette. Now that I think of it, I say drat.

Anyway I must have taken 10-15 frames of the desired perspective, and as I went through them on the Desktop, I was able to salvage a good 7-8 of them with a clear, sharp take of the moon; not too bright, and not too far, either.

I felt good because in my mind I was able to take the sunrise, versus everyone else who may be posting a sunset, or the moon as it shines tonight – one other photographer did post and called it a ‘wolf moon’, whatever that meant.

I suppose I bring the shoot up because part of me thinks that this isn’t fortuitous in the sense that I got lucky with the moonrise shot… But I think reflex had something to do with me being at the right place at the right time.

This is in line with my obsession of being effective, I guess – you maintain your habits and repeat what you’re doing until you make the groundbreaking decisions without any thought or hesitation. I’m probably pushing this narrative because I’m all for being in the flow state, and I do want to stay in the said state for as long as I can…

…and when I think about it that’s what’s getting me to keep on going, paying no mind to the temptations of eating again today, understanding that I’m on a roll, and that being in this flow is far more important that another meal which has me thinking I can do better tomorrow.

Why jump on thinking about doing better tomorrow when you know you’re doing great right now?

To stay the course, to maintain the flow, I suppose we would help ourselves by being in a consistent state of awe, in anticipation of better realized results, and in the confidence that even now, things are happening without us actually being aware of it. That’s precisely why I like the concept of HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training – because apparently even after you work out, you’re still burning fat.

So it’s quite clear that this good day came from a good start… and I hope to keep this sort of rhythm, I hope to keep this sort of flow.

I don’t know, I’m sorry because this all reads like I’m spaced out, honestly… Like I’m trying too hard to reach quota.

But okay, time to setup that list of things I need to hit tomorrow.

Till next article, God bless you.

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