Day 14. I was going to put the title 'Rock', but I figured I should just write about how this day is, as the title goes, a reset day. Reset, meaning I can eat whatever I want. Reset, meaning I rest today. Reset, meaning I don't necessarily have to write 1000 words today, nor do... Continue Reading →


Day 13. My head isn't really hurting, but it feels like it may go there. Kind of like a cold coming on, probably also because I'm pretty tired. I made the mistake of running/walking out in the noon sun, and that just beats down on my brain and the rest of my body, leaving me... Continue Reading →


Day 12. I talked about Foundation here, hence the featured image for this post. So this coming Sunday, we're to kick off a new set of messages centered on John Maxwell's book, Beyond Talent. We're going to take on a chapter each month, and though I wasn't necessarily moved by the book when I was... Continue Reading →


Day 11. So a friend of mine reached out to me through Facebook Messenger a couple of weeks ago and asked me if I was a pastor. I said yes and asked how I could help him, and he said he was wondering if I could go over to a civic group he was a... Continue Reading →


Day 10. It started a month ago. My good uncle David passed away. He was confined and sent to Intensive Care after having some trouble breathing. He didn't have the virus that's had a ball last year up to this year, according to tests. The general consensus was towards the negative as we were already... Continue Reading →


Day 9. Trying to hit 1000 words here in Ferguson, Guisad, before we set off to go home. Today, I've needed to sacrifice one or a couple of tasks, because I slept at around 2am early morning, and consequently woke up at around 9am. I had to watch over our dog, Akira, who just gave... Continue Reading →


Day 6. Black Saturday. 'Fraid this is going to be another one of those thought dumps, just like my last post which I swear would have been a whole lot better that it turned out. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be cringing if I read it again in the future. Well, I'm not dismissing... Continue Reading →


Damaged beyond repair, damned beyond salvation. No hope, no, not even the idea of another chance. So was our state as sinners. And through the fall, death reigned over all creation - we were sinners, and we were doomed to die. We were doomed to cease being, doomed to end. The beginning of sin was... Continue Reading →


Day 4. Today was different. I found myself getting out of bed early, determined to catch the first sunrise of April. My efforts paid off. The scene was beautiful. Three words: Sea of clouds. Coming back home, I thought I would be doing my usual thing but then I was feeling tired as I was... Continue Reading →

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