Day 10.

It started a month ago. My good uncle David passed away. He was confined and sent to Intensive Care after having some trouble breathing. He didn’t have the virus that’s had a ball last year up to this year, according to tests. The general consensus was towards the negative as we were already in talks regarding how he should get in touch with his family, who were all abroad.

Then we thought things were going to be okay after we heard he was taken out of the ICU and brought to a private ward. Next thing we knew, uncle David was gone. This, on its own was a rollercoaster of emotions, even for me; and this is considering I wasn’t exactly the friendliest of persons around uncle David, who was willing and able to speak his mind whenever he wanted to.

Fast forward to the weekend before the Holy Week celebrations. My good uncle Henry, who was also uncle David’s brother, was rushed to the hospital after my auntie saw that he was unresponsive. What’s worse is that this uncle of mine, along with a cousin who took good care of them both – they were both tested positive for the virus. This also meant that my auntie would be confined in another hospital for observation, in case she had it too.

My auntie was feeling better, but after some time, the grave news came – my uncle wasn’t following suit. He was unresponsive for a time, and eventually, uncle Henry joined his brother in the sweet by and by. My cousin eventually recovered physically, but to this day, we join him and my auntie in mourning these consecutive losses.

These were two uncles of mine, who were in the later years of their life. They had seen and gone through so much in the decades of their existence, and it was unfortunate that they succumbed to the elements’ relentless assault on their bodies – their internals were hardest hit.

And just this morning, I heard the sad news that my cousin, who I imagine couldn’t be more than 10 years older than me (okay, 15 at most), passed away this morning, after he also tested positive for the virus. It was painful news to read, and to imagine, just as countless cousins expressed their sadness at this loss on Facebook.

I spoke to my brother about the recent loss of our cousin, and after all we talked about, we decided that we would continue to honor their passing by being healthy ourselves, both in mind and in body.

This, in my opinion, is a challenge for me and for anyone who cares to read this, to do two things, not only in the name of protection, but in the name of resistance and really, just overall wellness and health – for us to (1) ensure quality input, and (2) ensure the best output as possible.

This in itself is quite the daunting task for any human being to approach, considering all the options we place for ourselves regarding input and output, of what we see, taste, hear and smell and touch. Wisdom is not only essential but just absolutely necessary for us to have peace in all our choices, and power to see our decisions through.

And I certainly can go into specifics on my approach to input and output, but that’s the thing – It’s my approach, and at best, it should give you ideas to support your own approach. God forbid that I say what I do is better than what you do – No, it doesn’t work that way. You do you, and I do me.

Well, where’s a good place to start? Christian, you need not look very far – Christ is the Author and Finisher of your faith, the Beginning of your wisdom. How He impacts you may not be the same as how He gets to me, but understand He knows what’s best for you, so trusting Him more than understanding Him is what’s key.

In my case, I approach my input, output, and whatever comes in and out of my senses to one and all I influence, by way of doing what I can without fear, knowing that Christ will never leave me nor forsake me, no matter how much I fuck up, or how much I win. The fearlessness is such a big factor to me, right here, right at this moment.

When talking about my uncles, and my cousin, I respond by saying I am at least at peace. This is from making the assumption that they have heard the Gospel of the grace of God – Jesus Christ and His finished work – for them to receive and believe.

I do hope that they let this living word minister to their hearts to make a literal life-giving decision, before the passing of their body’s functions. But more than this, I have peace that the Lord did not allow them to go to Sheol without them hearing for faith to arise.

As I mentioned, I am at LEAST at peace. And this may be a peace founded on what the world may call absolutely ridiculous fantasy and hokum, but all the more that it is a peace beyond understanding. Don’t get me wrong, even I bring myself to thinking that I may be in too MUCH peace at times – God forbid that I appear insensitive.

I am at LEAST at peace, but we who are in Christ cannot just leave things at that, for we not only have peace with Christ that holds us together, but a power through Christ that propels us to add value to this world.

In my case, I would practice my power – through working out my physical body, and through working out my mind and spirit through what you, dear reader, are going through right now. You know that this is an exercise, and a challenge for me to churn out 1000 words a day for the next couple of weeks, in line with a rep-intensive physical challenge…

In this exercise, as much as in my physical workouts, all components that can be tested, are tested, and are tested very well. Much as I appreciate you reading this far, I would encourage you to also do your own physical and mental exercises…

Because keeping our bodies and minds in constant challenge makes us not only impervious, but unstoppable. We are immovable objects and irresistible forces at the same time.

That’s bound to do us so much more good than a quick couple of needle jabs.

That’s true resistance.

To Uncle David, Uncle Henry, and Manong Winston: I’ll see you on the other side. Say hi to Dad for me. Tell him how I’m doing.

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