Day 14.

I was going to put the title ‘Rock’, but I figured I should just write about how this day is, as the title goes, a reset day.

Reset, meaning I can eat whatever I want. Reset, meaning I rest today.

Reset, meaning I don’t necessarily have to write 1000 words today, nor do I need to walk 10000 steps. I may still try to hit at least one of these routines today.

Heck, this is me already shooting for 1000 words today, anyway.

Yet in the midst of all this resetting, today is when I shared what I’ve been writing about for the past 2 days, concerning talent and belief. I think I was able to hit all the necessary points as I outlined in my previous message, but I started and finished, not with talent, but with Foundation.

I think it was just fitting to talk about Foundation, or what stands out no matter what circumstances we encounter, or no matter what sort of resetting we do in a given day. In other words, it’s good to talk about what to stand on especially during a day when we intentionally rattle ourselves on top of what the world is trying pile upon us, non-stop.

So we reset to reinforce Foundation. To test it, and to see and appreciate what truly remains.

I appreciate the team assigned to me to assist me in communicating my perspective on things. Not everyone has this opportunity – first, to have people at least listening to you and considering what you have to share to them; and second, for these people to assist you, in a way that they remind you of what you stand for, especially when the real danger of losing touch of your beliefs is present.

I believe that in some ways it’s too late for me to take advantage of a team for it to grow to greater heights, but I also think that it is better to realize what I have now, before it’s too late. These folks were underestimated for the most part, and I intend to continue encouraging them to go forth, not because I said so, but because they find it in themselves to draw confidence from the same Rock and Foundation I do – that is, of Christ Himself.

I don’t know why I wanted to speak up on this team I have right now, but I guess it has to be said before I keep going down this attempt to make 1000 words today. God forbid that I scrape from the bottom of the barrel just to hit that goal.

But let’s go back to the actual message I shared this afternoon. It was only during my moment to talk that I was able to clarify with myself and therefore with everyone who was listening, that (1) Everyone has a Foundation, (2) Beliefs are built on Foundation, (3) Being is molded and moved by Belief, (4) Knowledge, Skill and Will are part of said Being, and (5) our Talent is a combination of said Knowledge, Skill and Will.

I made the point that Talent is only at the tail end of this hierarchy, and it is Belief that brings out Talent, and then eventually lifts it. The role of Belief is magnified, but it all starts with our common Foundation in the body of Christ – that is, of Christ Himself.

Christ is our Savior in that He took us out of the accursed Foundation of Self-Righteousness, established by sin, with death rubbing it in. Christ saved us by reconciling us to the Foundation of Life and Righteousness, Himself being the Rock on whom we stand.

If we dig deep enough, it is from Christ from whom we draw our power and peace to understand and implement what talents we have to contribute to a particular situation or moment in time. This is one way we may see how Christ guides us; simply by being our Rock, He does so much for us, and we in turn are made greater witnesses to His glory and grace, for us to celebrate on our own and with each other, that the whole world would know that we are His.

I’d like to think I kicked all of this off on the right foot, but I pray and keep praying that we would, throughout all this, never forget that it is from Christ that we truly stand – Christ is the Rock in whom we live and move and have our being.

It’s a good place to start even as we continue this series. We’ll be talking about passion next, and instead of us falling for the obvious trap of drawing passion from ourselves, and telling others what Captain Planet tells them (“The power is yours!”), we find passion from Jesus’ passion for us.

The way I see it now, while the message I shared is still fresh to me, is that we see Passion as a component, if not the evolution of our will – what our hearts would have us focus on given the times we are in.

Obviously, this is more exciting than I initially thought it would be, and I for one am willing to see how far we can go, understanding we stand on an infinite and eternal Foundation.

This week is looking to be exciting, as I will have even more opportunities to share my point of view to a larger audience. I’m looking forward to sharing, by way of this 1000 word a day mandate, how the verses assigned to me (on no less than the week before my birthday, may I add) hit me and impact me, before I speak on them in front of a camera.

Friends, if you’ve made it this far, I’m thankful for your company, and I pray that you have a great and blessed week ahead, full of pleasant surprises and beautiful adventures.

The finished work of Christ guarantees that you are blessed and kept together. By Christ we are confident that the Creator of the universes and all that is seen and unseen is gracious to you, in that He makes His face shine upon you, and lifts His countenance upon you with full approval.

Through Christ, have peace. Through Christ, move with power.

Let’s get at it. Amen.

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