Damaged beyond repair, damned beyond salvation. No hope, no, not even the idea of another chance.

So was our state as sinners. And through the fall, death reigned over all creation – we were sinners, and we were doomed to die. We were doomed to cease being, doomed to end. The beginning of sin was the end of righteousness, and vice versa.

Generations after the fall of man, the Law was given to the people of Israel – effectively pointing out our hopelessness as sinners, and emphasizing the absolute superiority of Creator over creation.

The Law required sacrifice, and Christ – Creator made creation, God born as man – lay down His life as an offering; He became sin, and took our end and our oblivion.

We celebrate Christ today. He became sin, and ended being. We were the ones who deserved to die, but He died instead.

That’s one reason why we call this Friday a good Friday.

I felt I needed to get that out of the way.

I slept late last night. Don’t ask. Let’s just say there was some self-sabotage involved, and this meant I needed to sleep through 2 hours past my usual waking time of 6am.

But as soon as I jumped out of bed at 8am, it was on. I embraced the cold shower and went on with the rest of my morning routine. There was no time for remorse. There was only energy to expend, guilt converted into determination to bound forward.

Well, more like steps forward, actually. But they were in the right direction. God forbid that I stood still, or worse, turned back.

Today I finished listening to Beyond Talent by John Maxwell. I couldn’t tell you of everything that you need to be, in his words, a ‘talent plus’ person, off the top of my head. But I will say this is what I understood, overall: Your talent is given to you by no less than your Creator, and while it is obvious that you value it the most by using it, you would certainly use it to its highest potential if you used it for others.

You don’t flaunt your talent if you understand that it is a temporary space for you to move, which eventually disappears over time. Talent is time-sensitive in that sooner or later, someone is going to catch up with you.

This is not to say that you use your talent out of fear that your advantage would disappear. On the contrary, you use your talent with the attitude of learning more and more, and thus making more space for you to move, making life more enjoyable in this world – for others, and consequently, for yourself.

To go beyond talent is to recognize talent for what it is and to honour the One who gave you the talents that you have by using them, multiplying its impact.

I’m not sure what book to start next. It’s looking to be either Can’t Stop Me by David Goggins or The Perfect You by Andrew Farley.

Folks, Audible. It’s working for me. It’s what I use to burn through books while I walk and hit my 10000 step daily goal.

Today I also had a meeting with a friend who wanted to see if I was going to invest with him in a venture involving e-sports and online gaming. Long story short, I committed to helping and becoming an investor, and the only question to ask now is how much I am willing to put in.

I won’t go into much detail beyond saying that I am excited to be part of this venture, considering that the internet is not going anywhere, and consequently, online gaming is not going away either. We cannot deny that it will be with us in the foreseeable future. With that said, it is essential that we adjust, by way of raising standards so that we do not just produce good players, but good people.

I’m not really going into this for the return of investment – but that would be nice. No, I’m more interested in the impact we will be having as more and more people from the younger generations come under our wing. This is going to be for them more than anything else.

I could say more but I’m honestly just looking forward to tomorrow; I want to rest and to recharge.

I’m not so sure if I even have a rest day. Gosh, for the past 2 weeks Mom’s been sure to get me to drive her so much more, and I feel as if I don’t have any time to just do nothing. Whenever I’m not driving Mom, I’m at church, and that’s taking some of my time as well.

I’m not sure if I’m using what talent I have to its best potential, and while I know none of my time and resources would ever be wasted, especially if I direct these things to helping other people, it would be nice to (1) see some tangible rewards to my efforts and (2) actually have time to do nothing to be ready to do something.

The way things are, I’m not sure I could keep this up. I need a solid rest day so I’m not constantly thinking of taking a load off and overdoing it every time I need a breather.

I owe whoever reads this an apology. I could do so much better with my words. It’s just coming out right now and I don’t really have any efforts of cohesion. I’ll probably come back to this and laugh. I mean, if you’ve made it this far, I just want to go ahead and say, I appreciate your loyalty. Not sure I know how to make it up to you, but I promise the next posts will be better.

Times like this the creation could sure use some backup from Creator. I’m just glad we never stopped at the cross. The days to come will be epic, for sure.

But, well, for now, I shall retire. I shall rest, knowing that while today was good, tomorrow will certainly be better. Always better, sweeter than the day before.

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