I was supposed to create text for an Instagram post I had. Two hours later, I do not just have an entire article, but one which serves an intention I had, to have a ‘restore point’ of sorts, a foundation to come back to, words of the Word to draw more words from.

As it is now, I’ve been led to revisit my thoughts on Novus Ordo Aeternum. More to come. -JB

Years ago Uncle Joe (who I got Joseph from) signed a Special Power of Attorney granting me authority to represent him and to transact on his behalf concerning one of his properties. Since he was in the USA and I was here in the Philippines, it wasn’t just a matter of having the document signed; it also had to be ‘recognized’ as a legal document by the Philippine Embassy in the USA. We had that done, and then and only then was the document valid. It was like I was Uncle Joe, here in the Philippines.

Sadly, my good Uncle Joe passed away, and with that, the document ‘died’ as well. I suppose I could still represent his dead ashes.

‘On a long-enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.’ – The Narrator, Fight Club

We were trying to figure this out, we were still trying to grasp the thought of this observation, if not outright deny it. We more or less recognize the possibility of entropy – the absolute end of everything. It’s seen in our fear of death, and our desperate scramble to keep a hold onto this reality.

Creation fights for life. We try to create to prevent death, or to extend life. Or we embrace death and drag others down with us. We prey on others without remorse, making the most of the time we have left. We would quit this struggle outright. Our bodies perish from exhaustion. Our minds break from the pressure.

Creation would create creators for themselves, out of creation, to provide hope. And so we would have religion, which would have us reach enlightenment/salvation/peace/God/Heaven/Nirvana/Paradise… But all religion is, on its own, a struggle created within a struggle.

Given enough time, everything in creation dies.

Any facts created off of creation, they die too.

Any faith placed in facts would die.

Wherever we are in the spectrum of belief, we understand that death exists. People die. Empires fall. Food expires. Things end.

If we were to keep on going in this dying world, we should subscribe, not to facts, but to the Truth.

Our hopes and faith should be in Truth. For the Truth never perishes.

Veritas Nunquam Perit

Quid est Veritas?

Having Truth, and not being Truth, I can only share the perspective which I own.

Death, being an end, had a beginning.

When man ate of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of Good and Evil, sin was stamped onto all of creation, and all began to die.

Since then we were trying to escape death by trying to reach life, and fell short of life each and every time.

The good news that Christ shared to the world was not another means for us to try to reach life. It was that Life is reaching us, and He guaranteed this by laying His own life down for us.

Christ, one with God, presented Himself as a perfect offering – By His sacrifice, all creation has been reconciled. Full, complete, and eternal Life reached us, filled us.

Christ, infinite and eternal, took on the fullness of death and its horrible pain. But for all the suffering it entailed, death was a condition which had a beginning and an end. It could not hold Christ in the grave.

Death was destroyed, and the wages of sin, overpaid.

As it is, death is still a fact, but what remains, all that will endure is Christ – the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Christus Vivit!
Christus Victor!

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