Memento Vivere

**Written December 2019**

I suppose it’s the general state of this reality that has me grieving – That all I see and hear and feel, inside and out, will die. All of this will die. None of this is permanent. 

Yet in this darkness the Light of eternal life and everlasting love shines ever brighter – the light of Christ shines greater in glory, for all to understand that as today is today, so today is the day of salvation. 

That our lives serve as light as the Light is infused in us, and we are one with Christ forever – This is a revelation of what fades and what remains, a call for all to receive what is nothing less than the greatest news that we could ever hear:

That our striving to reach God is in vain, and the Truth is through Christ, God reached down to us, so much that He lived among us as one of us. 

By His death we have been fully reconciled to God; the infinite – no, the wide gap of death which separated us now closed and banished forever. So now we have true life, shining eternal life to a dying world, as Christ certainly shines bright in and through us. 

For this, I can only say, thank You, God. Thank You for true Love. Thank You for real Life. Everlasting love, eternal life. Freedom from sin and death, freedom to righteousness and life – all because of Christ. 

What a beautiful union, what a glorious victory. Finished, forever.

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