Love, Union & Dominion

I try to go deeper, but in the process I take a swipe at whoever wants to stay in the shallows.

Frustrating, but in my frustration, I find more cause for my words.

The Lord’s love is the only love there is. Anything else is not love, but something we construct close to it… containing shades of love, but merely pointing to what, or rather who Love is.

Love is life, and this life is Christ. Love is nothing less that the Son of God, God made man, who walked with us and lived with us. He ate with us, walked with us, listened to us. He laughed at our jokes and earnestly listened to us as we went on and on about what we thought was important at any given moment.

He lay down His life, His body and blood an offering, a sacrifice which would guarantee not only forgiveness, but absolute reconciliation, once and for all. A great price was paid in full for man and God to be reunited – The Son of God now not merely friends, but one with all who believe, and all who believe are one body, who is Christ.

We see shades of love in this reality, within time and space. We see love when we eat together, when we work and speak to each other. There is love when we celebrate each other, and there is love when we listen to one another. There is love as we give, there is love as we receive. There is love as we forgive, and there is love as we rebuke. Anything and everything is evidence of God’s glory, and God’s glory and love can never be inseparable. Just as Grace and Truth came through Christ, so all these things: Glory, Love, and so on – all can be seen in the same One who loved us and gave His life for us.

All is in Christ. Christ is in all. He is for us, and not against us. He is infinite, and all we can do is to just enjoy Him, all we can say is ‘Thank You.’

This love is the only love there is.

With this said, why set your eyes on dominion over the earth, when you have union with Heaven?

Understand that our union with the Creator is the actual reason for our dominion over creation. Our reconciliation with the Creator, is the driving force and motivation behind our dominion.

In other words, because we have union, we have dominion. As Christ loves us, so we are able to love creation. There is no dominion without love.

Understanding and appreciating our union takes precedence over our dominion! The Living Word is infinitely superior to the words we speak! The Life we have is the Source of the life we speak!

In abiding with Christ, we keep the Commandments. And as Christ loves us, so we love. As Christ is our peace, so we bring peace. As Christ is patient with us, so we are patient. Joy, faithfulness, kindness, goodness, gentleness and self-control – Against all this and love, there are no laws.

Christ is the end of the Law, and His finished work will ALWAYS have its glory over our own works. It is HIS glory found and shining in all aspects of our being.

The grace of our Creator, the grace of God is laced and infused in our existence by Christ and His finished work.

The living Word is in all our words, and His finished work is in all our works.

His everlasting love in all aspects of our lives.

How could anything in this known reality, in this universe and any other created universe be superior to this love?

Seriously, how can anything top that?

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