Zero and One are infinitely separate in that Zero never has value, while One has value.

Zero multiplied by One is still Zero. Zero multiplied by any value is still Zero. This is because while a value IS introduced into the equation, you are only adding Zero to Zero by the value you introduce.

You can multiply Zero by Infinity and STILL get Zero. No, a value must be ADDED to Zero, and 2 things happen: Zero loses its status as having no value, and Zero takes on the value added to it.

The Fibonacci Sequence starts as follows:

0, 0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34….

This is how I understand it: To determine the next number in the Sequence you add the latest value in the sequence to its previous value. So One plus Two is Three, Two plus Three is Five, Three plus Five is Eight, and so on and so forth.

This begs the question: How does Zero added to Zero become One?

Value HAD to be added to Zero in order for it to be One. The rest of the sequence can go on forever, but the sequence would have stayed as Zero had it not been for once instance, one exemption, one anomaly, one instance of intervention from infinity… Value HAD to be added just ONCE for consequent, guaranteed growth.

Death added to Death would still equal Death, no matter how many times it is added to itself.

No matter how frequent we try to add on ourselves, or no matter how elaborate the methods we employ – most likely, to the point that we literally crucify ourselves – we would end up with the same Death, the same, painful, Zero.

But it only took One instance of Life added for exponential growth to ensue. The Cross was the Plus sign that guaranteed Life to a dying reality, with everyone and everything in it.

Zero does lose its status, and takes on the value added. But I forgot to mention that the value also takes on zero… But since it is as it is… it remains as it is!

We see in the Bible that an unclean being touches others and the others become unclean. But when Christ touches the unclean leper, he becomes clean.

Death touches matter and matter dies. Such was the case at the Garden of Eden. Eternal Life touches living death, and all Live.

Christ bore our death and sorrow; He became sin, and as a result, we became righteousness. He is the Plus One that guaranteed Life, perpetual progression, grace to grace, glory to glory, shining ever brighter unto the new day.

Zero plus Zero
Until the Cross added One
One, Two, Three, Five, Eight…

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