Thoughts Out Of The Raging River (Thank You, August)

August was an eye-opener. The events which transpired since the very first day of August down to these dying hours have certainly had their way with my prevalent mindset.

As in a book, chapters have found their end, new chapters have begun. Chapters have been given emphasis, while I have seen how I’ve been obsessed over others. Superficial mindsets have found their painful end, while new ones, in different forms and levels, have been established, if not restored.

In all the implied drama which comes as a result of all this turbulence, routines have been challenged, down to the minute detail, and I have seen holes in my way of thinking, flaws in my approaches.

It is also during these times that I have learned: What I appreciated, faded, while what I took for granted, remained faithful. I speak primarily in terms of relationships. Through all this I have discovered, rather, re-discovered the true value of friends, and the absolute blessing of family.

Though we gravitate to the former, the truth is, we will always have our family, no matter what – in addition to my beloved parents and brothers, my eyes have been opened to my extended family of friends, and I love this family so much.

Through all this, clarification ensues. I have seen my perspective strengthened, challenged, found imperfect in many ways, yet ultimately, in its entirety improved. This raging river has changed me in more ways than I hope to count. To resist was to break. To trust in the River was a breakthrough.

In all this, I am thankful, for indeed, we continue to be transformed by the renewing of our mind. We continue to move from glory to glory, from grace to grace – enjoying ourselves by being ourselves, yet not for ourselves, but for the entire world to see, that we are one with Christ, and He is one with us.

We are brought to the still waters and the raging rivers, all this time being fully united with Christ, today, tomorrow, and forever.

The momentum of August cannot be denied. The transition from August to September shouldn’t be brought out of proportion, but I think there are certain implementations to be made, certain shifts in priority to be doneā€¦ all twists and turns coming from the initial overwhelming momentum.

Brace yourselves for September – this river doesn’t show signs of slowing down just yet.

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