Perfect, Not Excellent

Here’s something I wrote in the notebook while taking notes and after watching a video on YouTube regarding the Japanese perspective called ‘Wabi Sabi’. Pretty refreshing, watch it here.

“We used to push for excellence. Now, we conquer from perfection.”On Excellence, 9-16-2018

Our tastes are not fixed. A change in perspective has us appreciating humble moments as much as grand events; it has us celebrating imperfections as much as perfection. Perspectives trump standards.

Excellence is overrated. A dynamic perspective of grace is infinitely superior to a static, stringent law of excellence. From my current perspective I still believe that these static standards will never be met. Just as a container can never be full but not overflowing, I understand that perfection is never absolute but constantly dynamic in it is always expanding, always contracting. 

The pursuit of excellence is ultimately a vain pursuit and it insults perfection by bringing its standards down to distances few can reach, leading those who choose to go down its path to cover their own eventual flaws by mocking others.

Obviously, perfection can never be attained by imperfection. Fortunately, it is Perfection which came to reconcile us to Himself, in the form of Jesus Christ reconciling us to the Father. 

Granted, we have been made perfect, in that we have been made Temples of the Holy Spirit, new wineskins filled with new wine. We have become the Righteousness of God in Jesus Christ. We have new hearts, now compatible with the Holy Spirit. 

In other words, our perfection is based on nothing more than who we have and who we have is nothing else but Jesus Christ.

The Truth is that we have been made new in Christ Jesus. Our minds continue to be renewed by the Truth, and our bodies, our being, our reality, inside and out – all this continues to be transformed by the renewing of our mind. 

So it is with every believer in our Jesus Christ – We are not perfect, but we are one with Perfection, and Perfection has us. This is the Truth present and thriving in all who believe, regardless of what consequences we bear from our choices, no matter where we belong in the hierarchies and constructs of the human race, wherever we are, whoever we’re related to, whatever we’ve done, in full consideration all that divides or unites us, it is Christ that we have, and He has us

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