The Truth Stands

May 1, 2019. 30 Days to Write, Day 1.

During my father’s last days here in this world, I remember thinking, it was either he was going to jump right out of his bed, fully healed from a miracle, or he was going to go home to be with the One who heals, and much, much more.

Right now, after all sorts of stuff happening in and around me, in the seconds which comprise now, which may very well be the last seconds I have in this reality, as the billions of seconds I’ve had before could have been my last ones… I could, as I would sometimes wish, be finally in the sweet by and by, where my father went first to do recon. That would be sweet, as I would see everyone, living and dead, from House Lardizabal and all who believed… finally, in the reality of all realities, in eternity with Christ, reconciliation in its full fruition.

Given the circumstances and the sheer uncertainty of this life, I could disappear. Or, I could be present here, living in this fallen world, full of darkness, evil, and utterly saturated by the Fall. I could be present here, joining the rest of what our senses perceive as reality, throttling towards an eventual oblivion… yet, absolutely certain that though my body may be consumed by said oblivion, I would eventually make it, by and through Christ, into the eternity I described earlier, anyway.

It’s either I go now, or later. Either way, it’s not a question of where I am now. It’s not that I’m GOING to eternity, but Christ, who lives forever, unbound by time and space… the Creator of Time, eternity CAME to me. And so this timeless and boundless life is what animates me, wherever I go.

‘Till He returns, or calls me home, Jesus commands my destiny.’

Indeed. The Anchor of my soul is also the Captain of my heart. The Word made flesh, which dwelt among us, is also the Writer, the Author and Finisher of my faith.

Obviously, as I am typing this right now, I am still in this ball of dirt, in this body constructed from dirt, flawed by the fall, yet still together in more ways than one (1) by the grace of our loving Father, and (2) to live, a living mockery of the failure of sin and death, and, more importantly, a breathing, present monument to the Son of God and His absolute victory.

In spite of all the atrocious perversions I have indulged myself in, considering all the pain I’ve caused to myself and to others, all the sin I’ve wholeheartedly indulged and bathed in, and all the death I could have caused to my members, my being, and all around me… See, the facts of sin and its consequences may stand, but it all just bows to ruin in the face of the Truth which lasts forever.

This is a Truth – not merely contained by words, but again, a Word made flesh, a living Word, as Truth really ought to be perceived. The Truth, who is Christ, is not a bag of words to pick off of, and to learn and to exploit – no, Truth both proclaims and demonstrates one thing above all – that no less than the Creator of all that is seen and unseen loves us.

And while Christ is a Master of communication, I believe He communicated His best when He went beyond His words, and finished the work which sealed it all – Read, for this is the Truth!

By Christ’s death, He assured our reconciliation.
By Christ’s resurrection, He guaranteed our life eternal.
By Christ’s ascension, He secured our union with the Father, forever.

In one fell swoop, He proclaimed the defeat of sin, death, and the grave, by being the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Obviously, I like to connect these things. See, I can keep on going. In spite of all that I do here that I’ve been used to doing before everything made sense in Christ – from the porn to the cursing to the smoking to the anger and the harshness and the filth – I find comfort in the fact that, indeed, I will never be condemned, only commended, comforted, by God, because of Christ.

No matter how I am snared by the clutches of this fallen world, through Christ I can always go back to remembering the Truth, that God will never let me go.

This calms me. This gives me peace.

And, as I always say… Power is peace in all circumstances.

That’s the Truth. Whether I die or live, that’s the Truth.

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