Another Brick On The Wall

Happy Friday the 13th, I guess. I’m on the tail end of the SuperBrain quest by the good folks over at MindValley. Well, consider it already done because I’m actually going through the bonus material. The official stuff is already done with.

And yeah, what a crazy 30 days it was. I must say, Jim Kwik had a really good plan in mind when he was choosing what to discuss and when to discuss it within the said time period. NOTE: I’m not paid, nor am I sponsored to put SuperBrain in a good light, but I just really think that this helped me. Yes, I’ll admit it could have been longer, and there could have been more time to practice each and every technique which was divulged, but what was provided was more than enough to get anyone started with what they wanted to do, considering they were given a sudden jolt and a swerve to the right direction when it came to learning.

That’s really what it was all about – learning to learn. Or rather, boosting our memory to learn – not just to retain knowledge, but to absorb it with all our senses and to readily have it available when needed. There were methods to (1) remember lists, (2) memorize speech points, and if need be (2.5) memorize whole speeches verbatim. I found value in how we could (3) remember important numbers, both (3a) dates and (3b) longer strings of numbers like phone numbers. Jim introduced approaches or variations to the methods he introduced to (4) learn foreign languages, and consequently, to (5) boost our vocabulary levels in the languages we do know.

That’s what it was in a nutshell, but as the course was coming to a close, there was also a reminder by Jim, rather, a guideline as to how we could instigate change for the better when it came to our thinking – that is, to establish our Environment, Behavior, Methods, Beliefs/Values, and Identity.

See, as he was sharing this, I was led to think that one area I think I would need to work on is my Behavior, and my Beliefs/Values. Well, the Behavior (or, the ‘what’) came to mind first, followed soon after by the Beliefs/Values (or, the ‘why’).

I was secure. Even now, I can tell you that I know who I am. The methods? Just taught and shared by Jim. The environment? Location and timing? Easily changed and manipulated. But my ‘what’ and the ‘why’ that would define the ‘what’ were left blank. In my simplifying, I found that I may have shed a little bit more than I should have.

Or, at least I think so. I mean, when it came to losing weight, I was and am all about not just quality over quantity, but enforcing quality by quantity – that the quality of the right quantity is right. This applies to how we eat, move, and now, apparently, in our ways of thinking. It’s not actually about simplification more than attributing the right value to what we have.

There’s a lot now that I intend to do with a defragmented body and mind – gosh, the more it all comes together, the more I see how Christ has defragmented and actually renewed my spirit. It’s pretty cyclical, now that I see it – just as a better-looking body is achieved from the inside-out, so a defragmented and renewed mind is achieved, the more we move from the truth of our defragmented and renewed spirit, made possible by Grace and Truth, the living Word that became flesh, once dwelled among us, died, and now lives within us – Jesus Christ.

As always, I did not see that last sentence coming, but I am assured, once again, of how Christ is eventually seen in the details, if we think about it and wonder about it long enough. 

To be continued – now that I think about that last paragraph, I believe I should reconsider mind mapping.

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