Building In Progress (Re-Foundation)

Okay so I’m going to jump into this fully aware that it’s going to sound like a sales pitch.

Well, I’ll just start off by sharing what I do agree with, regarding the products which played a crucial role – if not THE lead role in the Metabolic Reset Program I got myself into. I like how it was introduced – a proper 21st century solution to 21st century problems.

Indeed, while the 30-somethings of a century ago probably had smallpox and dysentery in the water to worry about, we face more complicated disorders. What’s sad is we’re reaping what those before us have sown, contracting ailments which used to be old-people problems, brought upon by products which compromise, if not eliminate dietary quality in the name of taste and speed. I remember Roaxelle, a young spark of a woman who died from complications due to colon cancer, right out of college.

I remember a couple years ago, when I had to be confined for what the doctor said was a mild stroke. I mean, I walked into his office complaining about numbness similar to having an extra layer of skin, but I didn’t think it was anything that grave. I lost around 5 pounds while in the hospital, and I do remember thinking that I needed to do something about my health.

I was exercising. I knew a couple things here and there that I could do on a regular basis, and back then I had resolved to be content with just actually sweating, without ever having to worry about if I lost or gained weight. My mindset was that beneath the fat I had, at least I had some serious muscle. I would do whatever my brothers would do regarding diet and exercise – check that, it was all exercise, really. In retrospect, we still ate what we wanted, when we wanted it.

This mentality came up partially due to the fact that my family is into the GNLD family of health supplements. I’ve been taking them for a little less than 20 years, and I thought I was on the money when it came to supplementation – I believe the potency of the products I was taking, especially since it was helping me down to the cellular level. The ‘pillars’ to the ‘health’ I claimed to have, besides just a positive Christ-borne outlook of life in general, were (1) strenuous exercise and (2) all my food property ‘turbo-charged’ with the supplements I took.

In hindsight, I wasn’t really doing much for myself – yeah, I finished P90X. I finished Insanity. And although, yeah, I had my energy levels all jacked up, I still had a spare tire. I was in denial with my man-boobs, thinking that wearing black could hide that. It was all because I had a semi-serious discipline when it came to exercising, but absolutely no control over what I was eating, and how often I would stuff my piehole. I misunderstood the beauty of the products I was already taking, by thinking that they were some sort of ‘miracle’ pill – I mean, yes, I believe that they provided me with sustenance equivalent to a huge amount of fruits and vegetables in a single gel capsule. I believe that the lipids and sterols ensured that good nutrients entered the celullar walls, while flushing the garbage out… But I never realized that I was underestimating the huge drawbacks of all the processed food and fats I was shoving down my throat, coming from a misunderstanding of how my body works.

The two things I would like to point out today are (1) the power and potential of the Unicity family of genomeceutical products and, more importantly, (2) the power and potential of being accountable to a mature support group.

I went straight Unicity for the past 2 months, and I must say this – it was a pretty ambitious attack against a lot of issues I had with my body, and boy, did the package deliver. Before I knew it, I was fully detoxed, moving more, and eating less. The foundation of making quality out of the quantity I had was lain by the supplementation provided by Unicity, effectively proving itself as the third leg in the proverbial stool.

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