Twist of Fate

Twist of Fate


We weren’t listening. When we heard about it, we laughed at it. When we actually paid attention, we rejected it, and probably even hated it off the bat.


But in perfect timing, faith came by hearing. The Gospel that once had no appeal bothered us. Then it confounded us. Now it overwhelms us. Our ears were opened to the Good News. Our eyes were opened to the Light. All that we were was fully consumed and now we are made new creations in Christ.


John passionately introduces Christ as light… but not just any light, for this Light is the life of men. Through Christ’s life, death, burial and resurrection, He took us out of darkness into His light, making us abundantly alive through His life.


John continues by saying that the Law came through Moses, but Grace and Truth came from Jesus Christ. By these wonderful exhortations we can proclaim that the Light is our Truth, and the Truth is our Light.


The Light is our Truth


Christ is our Refuge, to whom we run, and we are protected. He is our Rock, in whom we stand. No matter what dangers lie in the darkness, no matter how sin and flesh tempts us, no matter who accuses us, we have a King who watches over us and protects us.


We do not have a set of words, decrees, declarations and incantations to make us feel better. We do not have a positive way of thinking that has us superficially smiling, but sweating profusely in fear in the darkest of days. We do not have a religion, a theology, a higher plane that may give us the higher ground, yet still in the dark..


No, the truth that we have is a living Truth, a High Priest who understands exactly what we are going through at any given time, a dynamic Savior whose love is as deep as it is wide, and as wide as to love the whole world, even before it all came to being. We have a Truth that does not just say that God is with us, we have a Truth that is – literally – God with us!


With that said, no matter what words are said to put us down, no matter what decrees, declarations and curses are said from us or against us, we must understand that we are one with a Truth that literally lives with us, eternally meeting favor with our Heavenly Father.


The world assaults us from the outside, and the flesh attacks us from the inside. We will still feel pain and we may fall into sickness, as a result of our actions or the actions of other people. We will still feel frustration and heartache, but the difference is we are still able to move in perfect peace, calm not only outside but from the inside out. We smile not primarily because of the absence of pain, but from the absolute presence of peace, and this in spite of the presence of pain.


We do not have theology, or a set of tenets and principles that tell us about God; we have Jesus Christ, Emmanuel… We know not only about God, but we literally have God with us. We do not have religion that tells how how to get to God, but we have Jesus Christ, God who got to us!


As Christ is, so are we in this world. Christ is the Light, and the Light is our Truth.


The Truth is our Light


In the darkness, all things are pitch black. Monotonous. Dreary, lifeless. But with Christ as our literal Light, we see colors. We see details – former glory, present beauty and future hope. We are in a constant state of awe and wonder, amazed by what we now see in Light.


Once all we saw was what separates us, but now we see Christ and His glory involved in all things. And from this constant state of awe and wonder, we have the resolve and the determination to remain, to stand, and to run in the darkness.


This means that we no longer need to ‘feel good’ before we go on and do good. Our motivation to do what we do does not come from the futile reach for pleasure from creation, but from the Truth of Christ’s joy being our literal strength and power. This power is yet another proof of the finality and the permanence of Christ’s actions, uniting us to God by a perfect and everlasting love.


By this amazing love God has for each and every one of us, we are able to help our brothers and sisters thoughtfully, selflessly, giving our best, without holding back. We act not for gratitude, but out of our own gratitude towards all that Christ has done for us.


If there is a clear vision, or if the needs which arise are more immediate, we move forth without fear. Though anxiety may arise from chaos, we are still able to move without regard for ourselves, because our position and union with Christ is absolute.


We are free to act, and to speak, knowing that whether we are able to execute what we intend to do, or if we make a mistake, or if something beyond our scope shows up, Christ is always with us, and His presence never diminishes. In practical scenarios, we are able to see things for what they are and we act from a position of confidence, yet not in ourselves but from our faith in a Savior who is always with us, in all things.


We are no longer intimidated by the feelings of others, though at the same time we are humble to acknowledge their hearts. With a conscience free of condemnation, we respond as Christ would respond to us if we are in the same situation.


As Christ has done for us, so we do for the world. Christ is the Truth, and the Truth is our Light.


The Fate of the Twist


We remain in a reality which is confounded by default, a world where darkness reigns. This darkness sees the light, but does not comprehend it. This darkness would grow greater and darker as time passes, but then, in the fullness of time, Christ would have His final victory.


As Christ is our Truth, we are not shaken by tragedy, we are not moved by lies; we are sensitive to time, present company, situations, circumstances, location, and so on and so forth.. but these things are not our foundation and therefore do not move us.


As Christ is our Light, we consequently shake tragedies, we move and vanquish lies; we move with humble authority, bringing the life and influence of our Savior, shining Christ in the present, to whoever is present, wherever we are, over situations and circumstances.


Christ is our Light. Christ is our Truth. By Christ and His finished work we boast in Him being our everything – our light, our truth, our fullness, our righteousness, our rightness, our stability, our peace, our fulfillment, our satisfaction, our joy, our happiness! Literally everything in creation falls short before our sweet union with our Creator, for in Him we live and move and have our being.


Our past has been addressed, Christ’s presence in our present is always 100%, and our future in guaranteed.. This life we now have with Christ is one huge adventure, one where we are constantly left in awe and wonder, and one where every day is sweeter than the day before!


This is the Christmas season. Let us remember Christ, whose all was turned upside down, to turn our reality upside down, that we would have all in Christ.


 Merry Christmas!

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