Still / Strong

It’s not about location. It’s not about being physically away. I’m only saying this because right now, I couldn’t afford to be away.
Building up on this, it’s not about circumstance either. It’s not about who I’m with. Though recently, I’ve been enjoying being alone. It allows me to just… think. And I’m learning that this is where it all starts. The noggin. The coconut.
I know that I am one with Christ. I know that nothing can separate me from the love of God.. but on the flip side, am I to say the opposite: that everything can connect me to the love of God, as I am in Christ? Or is it that in all things, I am connected to the love of God – and, consequently, in this love, all things work together for my good?
Is this so? For if it is, then there would be no need to depend on company, location, and/or circumstance to find peace.. to find motivation and innovation and encouragement.
Christ is making all things new. I believe that. I know that. All dies and decays into dust, but Christ is always fresh. All that breaks, all that happens works together for good, by Christ.
I’m being led to think that no matter who I’m with, no matter where I am, no matter what I see before me, the truth remains that… well, the Truth remains. The Truth is Christ, and not only does He remain, but He is literally alive, and alive in me, right now. In spite of anything and everything I see before me, I shall remain vigilant – no, more importantly, I shall remain at peace; for to be vigilant is to be reactive about the pain, but to be at peace is to move effortlessly out of perfect love.
It all sounds so theoretical, and it may sound hypocritical… but I suppose these words would eventually be backed up, simply by life, by Christ, who is my Life. In other words, as I move, He moves, because we move as one. When I speak, we speak. When I think, He thinks, and even if the world is overbearing in having me think that my default is to worry, I remain firmly anchored.
Again, the winds may blow, and the seas may slam upon me with the force of a million waves, but Christ and I are in the same boat, no matter what.
I may be flailing about frantically, screaming out loud to Him, or I could be sleeping with Him (or trying to sleep, for that matter)… but no matter what I do, the One whom the winds and seas obey, the One who walks on water, the King over the flood, He is ever faithful, mighty to save.
It’s not about where I am. It’s about where Christ is.
It’s not about who I’m with. It’s about who Christ is with.
It’s not about what’s going on. Christ is what’s happening. He is with me. We are one.
Call it cheesy. Call it cliche. Call it insane, ridiculous, and/or fanatical. But really, this is all that’s keeping me going right now. In spite of all the reasons for me to drop my countenance and to just stop giving a fuck, it’s really just Christ that is keeping me alive, and yet not just alive, but upright, and not just standing, but walking, and not just moving, but running, with purpose.
The world may offer joy through stuff, through so-called ‘brotherhood’ in its own terms, or through all sorts of other vanities, but I join Solomon in calling it all as it is: smoke, vanity. Not in full form and therefore not satisfying.
Nothing comes close to knowing that we do not just have doctrine. We do not just have words of wisdom. What we have is a Word, and not just words, but the Word which was with God, the Word which is God; we have a Word, a living Word, more than just books, but a Friend who sticks closer than a brother, a solid Lover of our souls.
We have Jesus Christ. We have a logos; and while our good gifted brothers with the talent of translation would interpret this as just a ‘word’, Jesus Christ is our logos, which is our literal reason for living.
By the Living Word, we have life in our words. And by Christ, indeed, by His finished work, we not only speak, but we live, move, and have our being – our purpose, our existence, our passion and mission – in Christ.
So, thank God, I am feeling better today. The circumstances aren’t exactly better, but it’s really about my loving Father, who is the Vinedresser, rinsing me with His Word, with living water, with His promises, and by His Holy Spirit.
I apologize, as this is all Christian-eze… but do bear with me. The last time I’ve been in storms of this magnitude, I emerged triumphant, boasting in none other than Christ.

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