Sample 138 – [Dramatis Personæ] Focused

This is Pastor Ronnie. I first met him more than 6 years ago during the church’s overnight prayer meetings. I was long haired and looking all peculiar, with a concern which can easily be dismissed as shallow for most but definitely deep for me. But this man didn’t care. He prayed for me. 
Fast forward to 6 years later, and though the Lord has done so many things in, with, and through me, I still thank God that Pastor Ronnie is still around to give advice, to listen and respond, to be patient with my many shortcomings. One thing about him is that he refuses to relinquish what peace he has even in times of great trial and trouble. In fact, he may be in all sorts of binds but you will never see his countenance troubled, and that in my book is sheer strength.
This man is a visionary – He has plans, and he is definitely able to get people on his side to accomplish what the Lord has put in his mind. Yes, even people as historically cynical as I am draw near to Pastor Ronnie simply because though he may have all the reasons to claim acclaim, he is still so humble and approachable. 
The man recently got a new cellphone, and then a new car. He has gotten promotions and recognition, and I believe that the Lord has so much more in store for him. Thank God for his life. 
Soli Deo Gloria. 

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