Sample 137 – Descent

Blurred is blurred.Mextures Formula, 'Evans Descent' (Code: HBCNTEJ) used on pictures 1, 2, and 4Mextures Formula, 'Benevolence' (Code: ZWMEHBG) Converted to B/W, used on picture 3When you're on top, there's nowhere else to go but down. I suppose we should be thankful whether we be in the top of the mountain or in the bottom... Continue Reading →

A New Lease In Life

Before anything else happens I need to get this off of my chest. I am just thankful to the Lord for the people He chose to place around me. That includes Paola. She knows I have so much to learn, and she still decides to stick it out with me, understanding me, loving me. I used... Continue Reading →

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