Perfect Love Casts Out All Fear

Who sang that one song, ‘Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough’? I get this feeling that she needs to know more about true love – the love of Christ. 
She sings, ‘There’s a danger in loving somebody too much’ – well, Christ loves us with a love none of us could ever match. For starters, even when we hated Him, while we were sinners, He came and gave His perfect life for us. He became sin for us to become His righteousness. He became afflicted and broken for us to be healthy and whole. He became penniless and poor for us to be rich and prosperous. He paid for our oblivion with His perfection..
..and as I think of the lyrics to that song now, I can imagine the devil saying that to Jesus while He was here on earth. To those words, I imagine that He would reply, ‘I am willing.’ 
I find it encouraging that in Christ, indeed all things consist. To God be all the glory forever. 

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