021414 6:26am
We’re barely down Marcos Highway, and I am reminded to make people better than me. I was reminded of people, friends who have become better than me… And I think to myself, have I helped them or was I tearing them down? Anyone can feel frustrated when they see the success of others, even their friends. 
I am reminded that in Christ, I am greatly blessed, highly favored, and deeply loved by God. I am reminded of the fact that there are no competitions, and the only thing that matters is connection – our connection to God established by Christ, and our connection to others.
There’s a quality thought – when I see people better than me, do I compete and tear down, or do I connect and edify? 
Knowledge puffs us, but love edifies. It is important to increase in knowledge, but let us do it, as we do everything else, out of the love poured on us by our Heavenly Father. 
God bless us all.

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