I've tried to see myself on the terms of analysts and those with experience and those who observe. It's ultimately led me to introspection, and I thought it was important especially since my 30th is coming up. Kuya John said that our minds are set in stone when we turn 30... And while I think... Continue Reading →

Leaps And Bounds, Glory To Glory.

I have been catapulted. To God be all the glory. Soli Deo Gloria.By God's grace I have beheld the glory of the Lord, kept so lovingly in His grace before, during, and after being launched. His Word is true, and as I am in Christ, I have been moved from glory to glory. Now I see... Continue Reading →

‘Resume’ Button

In the deepest of the oceans I lay, lifeless and without any hope of recovery. There was no hope, no chance to be found. I was a needle in a haystack in the midst of a million haystacks. I was a grain of sand in a beach on a planet in an expanding universe. Yet while... Continue Reading →

A Quick Declaration

We're halfway past March, and I just have to say that this year has been so thrilling so far, in the sense that there have been breakthroughs and challenges of greater levels. As I sit back and think about all that's been going on, and all that's happened, it just couldn't escape me that God,... Continue Reading →

Observing Daniel’s Yoke, Part 2

"...the more opportunities people have to interact and to convey information to one another, the more wealth is created for every participant." -Rabbi Daniel Lapin, 'Thou Shall Prosper'In the pursuit of prospering as plotted out in the book, it is vital first to understand that business is a blessing we are blessed with to bless... Continue Reading →

Restore Point II

So much is happening, yet so much is left to do. It's easy to focus on the task at hand, or the tools we need, or the skills we possess, or if we're even up to the challenges.It's easy to be discouraged, overwhelmed, and/or intimidated. Things happening in us and around us can throw us... Continue Reading →

Observing Daniel’s Yoke, Part 1

We weren't able to connect to the Internet while I was sick, so I resorted to reading and writing what I've learned from Rabbi Daniel Lapin's book, 'Thou Shall Prosper'. Here's my thoughts on the first chapter. ~JB________"You can easily imagine what an enormous competitive advantage is acquired by the business professional who really believes... Continue Reading →

After A Break

Sorry, I've been away for a while. I was feeling sick but now I'm feeling good... Actually I'm feeling better because I know that these sorts of things happen before big breakthroughs. The bottom of a valley can also be seen as the foot of a mountain. And no matter where we may be or... Continue Reading →

Another Declaration

My son, be attentive to my words;incline your ear to my sayings. Let them not escape from your sight; keep them within your heart. For they are life to those who find them,and healing to all their flesh.Proverbs 4:20-22I am reminded of my mortality and, more importantly, the abundant life I have in Christ. Heaven and earth may... Continue Reading →

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