Evaluation, and a ‘Restore Point’

It’s been 30 days since I committed to the 500 Words A Day program, and I was feeling a little lazy to write today… The laptop is off, but now I have my Blogger app open, and I’m just going and going and going…

Quick note to self – I gotta check what I’ve been churning out this past month. See if it all comes together to express a singular point… Well, if there was a point I wanted to communicate, it’s the Good News – that sin abounds in and around us, and perfect happiness and peace and salvation is not something we can gain on our own. That in spite of this, God is not angry with you – the truth is, He loves you with the greatest love you can ever receive and experience. He loves you and all of mankind that He sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ; to live as one of us, to be tempted and tried in each and every way we could be tempted and tried in this world… Yet He remained righteous; sin was never in His nature. Though He was holy, He was hated, framed, tortured and killed in the cruelest and most humiliating way… He who had no sin took the punishment and pain for us who came into this world already as sinners.
Glory! He rose from the dead on the third day, conquering sin and death, rising that all who believe, would be saved!…
…yep, I suppose that’s the central message I’m bringing myself to express each and every time I post – yet not I, but Christ who lives and loves within me. My posts may be here or on my other blog, they may have pictures or not, but I pray that in one way or the other, they would bring those who read them (by the way, a big thank you to all who read – if you’re a bot or just passing through, God loves you)… I pray that everyone who reads would know the everlasting and unfailing love God has for us, and the salvation and life abundant that comes only through Jesus Christ. 
The program may be over (at least in my opinion) but the posting will definitely continue. To God be the glory.

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