Driving, Driven, Moving

Thank God for cars and the ability to drive. There's a sense of freedom and a pleasure to be had when you're in the driver seat, whether you go through smooth, straight roads, or rough mountain trails, or even when you're slowly inching through heavy traffic. You just take in so much more through your... Continue Reading →

Sample 73 – Still Standing

My sincerest apologies for not posting recently... I've been busy. And God has been working on me. :)Here's something taken on the way down from the top of Mount Evans, Colorado on our 2008 trip to the United States. I love these mountain landscapes, and I pray that the my brothers and sisters there would... Continue Reading →

Full Circle (Again)

The start of this year was amazing. I couldn't say that it isn't amazing right now, but I will say that it has been trying as of late.But God is just so good and so faithful to heed us and to minister to us when we call Him. When we seek Him, truly we will... Continue Reading →

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