Driving, Driven, Moving

Thank God for cars and the ability to drive. There’s a sense of freedom and a pleasure to be had when you’re in the driver seat, whether you go through smooth, straight roads, or rough mountain trails, or even when you’re slowly inching through heavy traffic. You just take in so much more through your senses as you drive. That’s what to thank for in driving – the experience, the chance to use and sharpen your senses.

Thank God for cars and those who choose to heed the calling to transport others in the name of public service. Thank God for the option to commute. Thank God for drivers – private and public. Thank God for buses and jeepneys, taxis and planes. Thank God for the privilege to travel from one place to another for a cheaper fare, not needing to buy wheels (of wings) of our own. Thank God for the opportunity to shine His light to others who share the same ride with us. Thank God for moments of contemplation, for revelations on the road. That’s what to thank God for in commuting – the chance to relax and think while someone else ensures we reach our destination.

Thank God for walking, for running, for jumping… Thank God for legs and feet, that though they be the most basic of ‘equipment’ for us to get around in this time and age, they’re all we could take to even the highest of peaks. That’s what to thank God for when we’re out of gas and out of cash – our feet, our legs…

Thank God for the mind that moves and gets us moving. Thank God for resilience and creativity that gives those who have lost their feet and/or legs a second chance – through crutches and wheelchairs and prosthetics. Thank God – we have the will to move.

We move. We move for Christ. To God be all the glory!

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